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Stars on Wheels

March 18 – 20, 2017

Stars on Wheels Spring Invitational

Skate Reflections
1200 Odenton Rd, Odenton MD 21113

Hosted by Stars on Wheels Artistic Skating Club

During the Competitions, will Open Daily approximately 9:30am

We will be set up and showing Products from EDEA Skates. We will have more than 150 pairs of Comfortable, Great Fitting EDEA Skates available for Sizing, Fitting, and Purchase along with all of those great accessories from EDEA Skates.

We will have our Mounting Station with us to complete entire Skate Packages.

Skates US, Inc. will have the Roller Skate Models in most Sizes from EDEA Skating Boots for Sizing and Fittings.

Skates US, Inc. will have all of those Great Skating Accessories from EDEA.

Skates US, Inc. will provide information on the newest Skate Technologies in Ultra-Light Incredibly Comfortable Skating Boots from EDEA.

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EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock Technology UnderSoles

EDEA presents the world’s first Shock Absorbing UnderSole for Skaters (both Ice and Roller)

 The competition among competitive Skaters is becoming tougher with more and harder jumps and jump combinations being trained earlier and for a longer period of time through the skating career. This training to compete at a higher level, earlier has become much more intense. This level of training intensity can lead to additional stress in the head, neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, and heels due to the repeated impact of the landings.

EDEA through, is now providing a magical solution that actually absorbs, diffuses, and disperses 94% of the shock and impact vibrations of landing jumps from injuring key parts of the body. NOENE Shock Technology , a Swiss technology is being employed by EDEA to absorb, diffuse, disperse and effectively stop up to 94% of the SHOCK and IMPACT VIBRATIONS from the heel to the head.

Skating surfaces (both ice and roller) are hard surfaces that absorb very little if any of the shock of the impact from landing jumps. In fact these shock and impact vibration waves are actually reflected back into the Skaters body to diffuse and absorb them. These waves of energy caused by the collision shock of landing are called kinetic energy or also negative energy. This negative energy can cause long-lasting issues to the nerves that control the free movement of the body. These micro-trauma can show up as pinched nerves, tendinitis, osteitis, and micro fractures to name a few, which can lead to the soreness of the feet, heel spurs, ankles, shin splints, and joint damage and provoke fatigue from the foot through the knees, hips, back, and right up to the base of the skull.

EDEANOENEShock Technology UnderSoles are a Class 1 Medical device, only an extra thin 1mm thick and ultra-light 13 grams of weight (in size 280, approx a men’s size 9), and are to be installed under the EDEA Anatomic InnerSole or custom orthotic innersoles. They can be easily hand washed with soap and lukewarm water and a sponge. The guarantee is 1 year. Even this very thin EDEA UnderSole will provide the shock absorption qualities for which “NOENE” is famous.

The Skater’s instrument is worth gold, take care of it.


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Click here or the EDEA Logo to see the WHOLE Story as to “Why are EDEA Skates so Special?”

EDEAEDEA is the Merlo family that started Risport and built thirty years of experience in the skating field. They sold Risport. After a long period of very thorough research and study of the needs of figure skating (both Ice and Roller), they searched for new technologies, concepts, materials, and manufacturing processes to provide solutions which have become the evolutionary “idea”, or EDEA in Italian.

Since 2000, EDEA has been the essence of quality, care and service provided by the artisans and craftsmen of Italia. EDEA is now recognized as a world market leader with many of the best Skaters worldwide praising EDEA Skates for their Comfort, Lightness, Durability, and to top it off, that Beautiful Italian Design and Style.

Skates US, Inc. considers it a privilege and honor to be the Exclusive US Importer/Distributor for EDEA Skates. As such we know that this is one of the very best Skate brands in the World and that we have a great responsibility to strive to make sure that we offer the best Services, Customization, and Technical Knowledge to go along with providing these great Skates. We work to help skaters and skating, and help train a network of the most understanding and knowledgeable Resellers and Dealers to take very special care of the End User Skaters.

EDEA Features:

The new technologies in these boots are quite significant advantages to the skater and best of all, they are wonderfully comfortable.

The main features of these skating boots are:

1. Ultra Lite Weight – the lightest figure skating boot in the world

2. Heat Shapeable – for that instant Custom fit

3. Thin Sole – for much Greater Sensitivity and Lower Center of Gravity for Control

4. Waterproof Sole for ICE – for Dry Feet and ultra Secure Mounting of Blades (using EDEA Special Mounting Screws)

5. Incredible Ventilation for ROLLERS – to help keep Feet Dry and Cool

6. Anatomically Foot Formed Fitting – of the Carbon Fiber type material boot structure

7. Hook design – utilizing forged hooks that are sewn in, not riveted

8. Easy short Break-In period – usually 4 to 8 hours of Training

9. Dramatic new Styling and Colors – unique Italian designed Skates, some with Bling too!

10. Reasonably Priced & Readily Available

11. They are Italian and they ARE GREAT Looking and Incredibly Comfortable Skating Boots.

Skating Boots have not changed much in 100 years. We now have different specific shoes for almost every type of athletics. Most are not using leather, except for decoration. Things are now changing even for Skating, materials and designs are changing, Skating Boots are finally Changing. EDEA is creating a New Movement in skating equipment and comfort.