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2020 Edea from Skates US Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge


6 th Annual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge

Featuring On Ice and Dryland Jump Events and Backflip Contest All Levels from Pre-Preliminary through Senior, Adults and Collegiate COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (September 1, 2020)
The 2020 EDEA from Skates US Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge, an innovative jumping contest will be offered as a virtual event this year and open to skaters of all levels.
Developed by Olympic coach Tom Zakrajsek, this fast-paced event was created in 2015 to inject a modern edge of daredevil athleticism to the sport of figure skating with skaters being scored on a scale of six to ten points. Previously, this event has been hosted by the Broadmoor Skating Club during its Broadmoor Open competition.
This year Skate Great Enterprises has entered into a collaboration with EDEA from Skates US and SHARP 4 Sports to host a virtual experience. “We could have cancelled this year’s event due to the pandemic,” Zakrajsek said. “But there is a real need in the figure skating community to have a safe competition in which skaters can have fun, be challenged and earn a medal. The AFSC is a natural fit because during stay at home orders many of the skaters were practicing dryland jumping and when they return to the ice the first thing they want to do is make sure they can still do their jumps.”

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Please follow the instructions below in order to submit the best video possible for your athlete’s event.  It is recommended that each skater’s coach films their jump clip and the file be submitted by coach or family member.  The recording must be produced on or after September 1, 2020.

– Videos can be recorded with a phone, tablet, computer or camera.  Newer technology offers a potential advantage in GOE due to the enhanced viewing experience.
– Videos cannot be filmed through plexiglass.
– Filming should be done in landscape position. 
– The video angle should be from the center line of the rink and continuous at all times.  If participating in the off-ice jump event, please film from a center vantage point aimed directly at the skater.  Emptier sessions provide better recording opportunities.
– Both of the skater’s jump elements must be completely viewable and have no obstructing skaters or objects blocking the recording.
– All clips need to be 45 seconds or less.  Junior and Senior events will be 1 minute or less. 
– Skills must be performed in the order they are listed (solo jump, then combination jump).
– No edits are allowed.  If any tampering of the video is recognized, the entry will be void and a refund for the event will not be provided. 
– Choreography will not be judged; however, connecting steps are permitted between elements.
– Video begins as the skater is already traveling into their first skill.
– Skater can bow/curtsy at the conclusion of the video.

Off-Ice Jump Events
– Video should be taken from one central angle facing away from any major light source.  
– Skater will execute each jump keeping the jumping pass in the frame at all times (including head and feet).
– No choreography is needed before, in between or after the two jump elements. 

At the start of the video, the coach (or parent) will announce the following:
Name, Level, Club
Name, Level, Rink
Name, Level, University

If your video is not submitted within the stated time frame for your level grouping, your registration will become void and a refund will not be provided. 


Sign up begins Tuesday, September 1 at 9:00 am MDT on the platform. Skaters can enter as many events as they want to (on ice, dryland and backflip) but cannot compete at a level lower than their tested level. Skaters are allowed to compete up to two levels higher than their tested level. Additionally, EDEA from Skates US has agreed to sponsor and produce the “live” viewing parties every weekend beginning October 9 until November 13 along with hosting all of event videos after the event.
“We feel it is important for skaters to perform and be recognized,” says David Ripp, President and owner of Skates US. “In these difficult times we can all continue to learn, grow, develop, and move forward.”

Beyond the individual competitive aspect, all achieved event scores will be cumulative between home clubs, rink facilities and universities offering prize money to the top 3 organizations in each category. “Our goal of providing skaters the opportunity to compete individually in addition to fostering team spirit by
earning points towards a club, rink or university adds a unique and exciting dynamic,” says Heather Aseltine, Co-Founder of SHARP 4 Sports.
Olympic coach Kori Ade, also a Co-Founder of SHARP 4 Sports sees the collaboration between the three organizations as appropriate during the pandemic, “What a perfect time to promote connection, camaraderie and a collective effort in our otherwise individual sport to bring the skating community together.”

The judging panel will consist of many familiar judges including distinguished World and Olympic judges Joe Inman and Gale Tanger and feature a mix of celebrity skaters including Paul Wylie and Josh Farris as well as coaches Frank Carroll, Audrey Weisiger and many more!
For more information about the event, including schedules and entry information go to
This event is made possible by EDEA from Skates US, Skate Great Enterprises and Sharp4Sports.