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SkatesBrandGuidelinesEDEA-1 Brand Guidelines

PURPOSE: These guidelines promote consistent use of the Edea Brand Assets. This makes it easier for you to instantly recognize the Edea brand, and helps prevent confusion when marketing Edea Skates. These guidelines should make it easier for you to use the assets correctly and ensure that all communication is in line with Edea policies.


Edea S.r.l. owns trademark rights in Italy, Europe and other countries. Edea’s trademarks include the name, the logo, and the name and logo. These Edea trademarks, along with any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Edea products or services are referred to as the Edea “Brand Assets.”



  1. Only use the official Edea logo. Available for download here.
  2. Maintain the proportions and preserve the clear space around the Edea logo.
  3. Use the Edea logo next to your logo. It should not be used alone unless approved
  4. If used alongside other skating brands, the Edea logo must be the same size as those logos.


  1. Modify the Edea logo in any way, such as by changing colors or adding elements to the design.
  2. Display the Edea logo larger than your own mark or branding. This is to avoid confusion between Edea promotions and your promotions.
  3. Use the Edea logo to refer to any product or service other than Edea’s.

Clear Space

In order to preserve the integrity of the Edea mark, it is important that no other logos, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space. The minimum clear space around the Edea mark is equivalent to 1/3 of the width of the Edea mark.


The logotype should always contrast with the background. There are 2 versions of the logotype to ensure legibility and optimum reproduction quality in all printing processes and digital needs.

Edea_Example_Full_Clear Brand Guidelines

Light Usage Example
Hex: #DF0714
CMYK: 0/100/100/0 RGB: 223/7/20
PMS: Pantone 185 C + Black

EDEA_Example_Full_Dark Brand Guidelines

Dark Usage Example
Hex: #DF0714
CMYK: 0/100/100/0 RGB: 223/7/20
PMS: Pantone 185 C + Black



  1. Use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnerships, sponsorships or endorsement by Edea unless approved by Edea through Skates U.S., Inc.
  2. Incorporate the Brand Assets, or anything confusingly similar, into any other trademarks, names, domain names, usernames, or logos.
  3. Use any trademarks, names, domain names, usernames, logos or other content that imitate or could be confused with Edea.
  4. Feature the Brand Assets in connection with illegal activities, or other materials such as pornography, or in anyway harmful to the brand reputation.


While Edea allows you to use Edea to promote your sales of its products , Edea does not allow users to create or sell merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and the like) using its Brand Assets without written approval from Edea Skates, which will be communicated through Skates U.S., Inc.

For any other use or for written approval, please contact


Why does Edea need rules about how to use its Brand Assets?

Trademark law in Italy and other countries requires trademark owners to protect against improper or confusing uses of their marks. In some cases, trademark owners can even lose their trademarks if they don’t protect them. Edea has developed these rules around how others may use its Brand Assets to ensure that people won’t mistakenly believe that unrelated products or services originate from Edea, or are sponsored or endorsed by Edea. Skates U.S., Inc. chooses to enforce these rights in the United States.

What does Edea do if people misuse its Brand Assets?

Edea cares about the integrity of its Brand Assets, which is why it dedicates substantial resources to protecting its intellectual property. In addition to protecting its trademarks and logos, Edea enforces its rights against people who misuse its Brand Assets.

Do I need permission for each use of the Brand Assets?

If you are following these Brand Guidelines, you don’t need to seek permission before using the Brand Assets. If you are unsure or think your intended use might fall outside these guidelines, please contact a Skates U.S. Representative or E-mail Dealer Support at

May I combine Brand Assets with new terms or artwork to create my own marks and logos, or modify the color or design to fit with the style of my website, packaging, printed materials, or other content?

No. But you may scale the size of the Brand Assets to suit your needs, so as long as they comply with the Edea Brand Guidelines and they are not the most distinctive or prominent feature on your web page, packaging, printed material, or other content.

May I use Edea logos and images I found elsewhere on the web?

No. You may use only the official Brand Assets that are available for download.