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Why are EDEA Skates so Special?

1. Ultra Light-Weight

The lightest figure skating boot in the world

lightweight_feather Ice Learning Center

EDEA is lighter than any other figure skating boot due to the new materials and technologies used in the Skates. EDEA Skates are 20% to 32% lighter than other manufacturers “light” boots and up to almost 50% lighter when comparing them to the standard high strength boots. Just think about the extra time in the air to complete or increase your spins. Also with less weight in the skate as a whole, the skater can accelerate faster with their free leg in jumps such as the axel, double axel, or triple axel.

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EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock Technology UnderSoles

AntiShockUnderSole-crop Ice Learning Center EDEA presents the world’s first Shock Absorbing UnderSole for Skaters (both Ice and Roller)

The competition among competitive Skaters is becoming tougher with more and harder jumps and jump combinations being trained earlier and for a longer period of time through the skating career. This training to compete at a higher level, earlier has become much more intense. This level of training intensity can lead to additional stress in the head, neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, and heels due to the repeated impact of the landings.

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Meet Sabrina Merlo, EDEA Founder

Interview by Tom Cantwell, CEO of HD Sports

Lacing Your EDEA Boots

Instructional video from Max Aaron

Cleaning Your EDEA Boots

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Care and Use of Your EDEA Skating Boots

Ice-Roller-01 Ice Learning Center

Lacing the Skating Boots

Loosen the Laces ALL the way down to the Bottom EVERY Time you take your skates OFF.

Loosening the Laces will take the pressure off of the boot and avoid the chance of misshaping the boot. If the Laces are not loosened each time they are removed, the cumulative effect is the drawing of the boot together, making it tighter and tighter at the laces. This will narrow the ball and toe box areas of the boot, cause a pucker or bubble like bump at the base of the laces and will ultimately make it tighter each time the skates are laced up. Add to this condition the leaving of the Skates in a hot car, on a hot summer day, and you have reshaped your boots.

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EDEA Catalogs

Catalogo_2017_edea_Page_01-438x310 Ice Learning CenterCatalogue_2015_web-1-300x212 Ice Learning Center 1-205x291 Ice Learning Center catalogo_ice_Edea-2-1-205x290 Ice Learning Center

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Ice Blade Profile (Radius) Information

WilsonCurvesCopied-crop-800 Ice Learning Center

The Wilson Pattern 99 is a (3) THREE Radius Blade.

The MK Phantom is a (2) TWO Radius Blade.

The Wilson Gold Seal is a (2) TWO Radius Blade.

These Radius Variations are what truly make a difference in the way a Blade feels as you Skate, Glide, and cut Edges. These are called the PROFILE of the Blade.

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About Edea Screws

Screews Ice Learning Center

We have gotten many questions over the years asking “why are Edea screws special?”

Here is a bit of information to let you know why Edea screws are different and why you should only use Edea screws in Edea Boots.

All Edea Screws are rust resistant Double Helix Screws (where one thread cuts and one thread grips).
Edea screws are the proper length and will not poke through the footbed into the insole.
Edea has three types of screws. Each screw has a specific purpose.

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Fitting and sizing EDEA Skates

Learning-Center-Fitting Ice Learning Center

The boot for Skating is a technical tool, hence the fitting has to be very accurate.

A correct size boot assures the comfort and enhances the Skating Performance.

The non-correct size boot causes severe problems to your feet and can hamper your Skating efforts.

EDEA Boot Sizes are in millimeters, in steps of 5 millimeters per size, for maximum accuracy. (5 millimeters is slightly less than 1/4″, 10 millimeters or 1 centimeter is slightly less than 1/2″.)

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Paramount Sk8s Informational Videos


“Paramount blades are made from a one piece, T shaped extrusion, which is much stronger than silver solder or brazing pieces together.”

Sharpening and Leveling

“It may not be the skaters skill keeping them from their best performance, but the accuracy of their equipment.”

Blade Profiles

“Every skater should know that any change to the profile will affect their jumps and spins.” 

Lift Angles

“A higher lift angle will result in a skater having an increased ability to spin and jump.”