CARE and Use of Your EDEA Skating Boots

Ice-Roller-01 CARE and Use of Your EDEA Skating Boots

Lacing the Skating Boots

Loosen the Laces ALL the way down to the Bottom EVERY Time you take your skates OFF.

Loosening the Laces will take the pressure off of the boot and avoid the chance of misshaping the boot. If the Laces are not loosened each time they are removed, the cumulative effect is the drawing of the boot together, making it tighter and tighter at the laces. This will narrow the ball and toe box areas of the boot, cause a pucker or bubble like bump at the base of the laces and will ultimately make it tighter each time the skates are laced up. Add to this condition the leaving of the Skates in a hot car, on a hot summer day, and you have reshaped your boots.

Please LOOSEN the Laces ALL the way down to the Bottom EVERY Time and

DO NOT leave your Skates in a HOT environment.

A Correct Boot Lacing is fundamental to great Skating enjoyment and performance.

– To keep the foot in it’s natural position inside the boot.

– To let the Skating Boot work in a proper way, with no folds or wrong tongue displacements.

boot_lacing_veline CARE and Use of Your EDEA Skating Boots

Level of Lacing

We suggest lacing the boot as follows:

– Soft at the Toe area.

– Tight at the Instep area to secure a firm heel position.

– Soft at the Upper Heel area to allow for ankle flexibility.


– Tight in front and back, soft on the instep

– The boot deforms and creates incorrect folds and the tongue will twist out of position.


– The boot is not deformed

– The tongue stays in the center position.

Method of Lacing the Skating Boots (from Exterior to Interior)

Lacing from the Exterior means inserting the lace from the outside of the hole to the inside of the boot. To tighten the laces Cross Pull the lace just above the crossing that you are adjusting. This method may be a bit different at first, but with a little practice will become just as easy as any other way of lacing your skates.

There are definite benefits to lacing this way:

The boot is fastened homogeneously

The Lace becomes Self-Blocking and does not easily become loose.

Lacing the HOOKS

icon_strong_hook CARE and Use of Your EDEA Skating Boots

It is suggested to lace around the Hooks from the Top Down.

This will result in a Self-Blocking of the laces to prevent them from loosening.

Lacing in this manner is also a more secure use of the longer EDEA Hook.

Lacing the Tongue Tab

The Tongue Tab is used to help keep the tongue in position.

Lacing through the Tongue Tab with both laces is the norm, but other variations will pull the Tongue left or right to keep it centered.

Anatomically our feet are not the same. The inner part has more volume, while the outer part with the withdrawn Ankle has less volume. In all shoes the function of the Tongue is to protect the foot, instep, and help support the Flex of the Ankle.

EDEAPower Wedges (for Roll-Line Frames)

The Power Wedge is a plastic insert that fills the gap between the Flat Roller Frame and the Curved Sole of the Boot. The Power Wedge actually increases the power of each and every push that a skater makes because of the 100% solid contact between the Frame and Boot. There is no lost energy caused by the forward part of the boot flexing towards the flat Frame with every move or push.

acc_power-edge CARE and Use of Your EDEA Skating Boots

Why use the Power Wedge?

– To provide more control and power with every push and movement of the skate.

– To allow the Natural Position of the Skating Boot and the foot inside of the boot.

– To avoid unnecessary Stretching, Stress, and Misalignment of the Skating Boot.

– To allow a more accurate Frame to Boot Mounting process.

The profile of the Skating Boot Sole has been designed curved at the toe area, to follow the Natural Anatomical shape of the foot. Until today the mounting of a Flat Roller Frame has been done by adapting and pulling the boot down to the Frame. This type of a mount totally deforms the boot by pulling on the width of the boot, making it more narrow, and causes the feet and toes into a Non-Natural Anatomical Position. If the rear mounting holes in the front of the Frame are used to mount to the boot, then the toe is left dangling in the air and will flex (even with the stiffest of boots) with every push a skater makes.

The Power Wedge also provides a hollow for the Toe Stop stem, when it is drawn completely into the Frame. This keeps the Toe Stop from applying any pressure to the sole of the Skating Boot.

Boot Maintenance and Cleaning

– LOOSEN the Laces ALL the way down to the Bottom EVERY Time the Skates are removed

– DO NOT store boots in HOT situations

– Frequently replace the Inner Soles to avoid Nesting of germs

– Clean the boots after each use by removing dirt or dust

– Clean the outer surface of the boot by using soap & water

– Scratches in the Leather can be repaired by using the Color Matching EDEA Polish