LoveYourBoot Love Your Boot: Lacing

EDEA-Splash Love Your Boot: LacingOld-fashioned boots have old-fashioned ways to create flexibility: Strangling the top of the leg to gain control. Your new EDEA boots are designed and engineered with flexibility built in to give you better control.

You do not need to create flexibility, you just need to lace your boot so they are snug at the instep, and they will perform to their maximum potential.

If you look after your boots, they will look after you. These 3 simple steps can make the difference:

lacing1 Love Your Boot: Lacing

1. Initial lacing set up should be outside to inside

(Over the top first, instead of under first)

lacing2-1 Love Your Boot: Lacing2. Proper lacing should be snug around the toe and the top of the foot, TIGHTEST at the instep (top 3 eyelets and bottom hook). This locks the heel in the heel pocket. Finally, adjust resistance by tightening or loosening the top two hooks. Note: If the EDEA is creasing near the instep or ankle, it is mostly due to improper lacing

lacing3 Love Your Boot: Lacing

3. When taking the boots off, loosen the laces ALL THE WAY DOWN. This releases the lace locking tension to ensure the boot maintains its perfect fit.

Tip: Do not leave boots in a hot car, as they may loose their original or set shape!

See video examples of boot lacing