LoveYourBoot Seven Ways EDEA Makes Your Skating Better

7 Ways EDEA Makes Your Skating Better

Ultra Lightweight

EDEA is all about the skater. We think about what the skater needs and not the conventional “how do we build a shoe?”. Uppermost in our minds is lightness.

EDEA boots are designed to be lighter. Lighter is faster. Lighter is higher jumps. Lighter is longer jumps. Lighter is more airtime. Lighter is better acceleration. Innovation in materials and technology means EDEA boots are the lightest in the world, giving extra maneuverability and added spring.

More Comfort

EDEA boots are designed for maximum comfort. The profile allows a full range of motion, making skating smoother. The anatomical structure gives natural support, the heel pocket holds the foot in place and the inner padding adds comfort pressure points so you can train harder and skate for longer.

Instant Custom Fit

EDEA set out to design the Instant Custom Fit. This means that each EDEA Skate can be custom shaped to give every skater the perfect fit without the expense and time associated with getting a custom-made boot. Unlike old-fashioned methods, which just alter the padding, EDEA shells are heat adjustable, so a skilled technician can custom fit your boot for maximum comfort in just hours!

Short Break-In Time

The new technologies used by EDEA means the break-in period required for our skates is much shorter than for old fashioned boots.

Instead of blisters and plasters EDEA allows skaters to do what they love doing—skating—with one training session normally enough to get the skates to peak performance. The memory effect of the padding ensures the boot hugs the foot outline and trains the tongue to sit in the most comfortable position. 

Greater Safety

1. EDEA’s molded waterproof sole ensures fittings can be mounted more securely. An added bonus is that there is no need to seal the sole. 

2. EDEA designed Hi-Low screws that use the latest technology and materials to hold blades tightly in position. Once fitted, there is no need for adjustment, just skate. 

3. EDEA hooks are forged steel and attached in a unique way, making them stronger, and the lacing more comfortable. 

4. EDEA laces are a special blend of material that adds extra strength and reduces stretch. When laced “the EDEA way,” they lock the foot into position for greater stability and control.

These 4 design innovations combine to give extra strength, better control, and greater safety. 

100% Italian Design

Production is based locally so we can employ local craftsmen who care as much about skating as you do.  The factory being here doesn’t just mean fabulous views of Italian Alps for our staff but also means we can respond promptly to customer requests. We can also ensure every boot that leaves our factory reflects the passion of EDEA, the quality of our craftsmen and the style that is Italy. When you join the EDEA Family, it isn’t just skates you are buying but a little bit of Italian style, as well.