Shorter Break In Time

The new technologies used by EDEA mean the break-in period required for our skates is much shorter than for old-fashioned boots.

grafico-short-break-time-300x275 Shorter Break In TimeInstead of blisters and plasters EDEA allows skaters to do what they love doing – skating – with one training session normally enough to get the skates to peak performance.

The memory effect of the padding ensures the boot hugs the foot outline and trains the tongue to sit in the most comfortable position almost immediately.
Because EDEA use modern materials, the boots have an elasticity and flexibility that old skates couldn’t offer and give the skater a better range of movement.

To help the skater understand the correct boot for their skating EDEA have created a 1-100 rigidity scale for all boots, with softer boots scoring a lower number.

This is because the flexibility and engineered anatomical outer structure of the boot alongside the extra comfort may make it difficult for a skater to understand which boot is best for their needs.

Our design also means the skater can also choose a more rigid boot than normal and still be very comfortable.