13mm Click-Action”07″ King Pin (Shorter)



13mm  Click-Action “07” King Pin

     for Frames with “07” (each)
for Frames with Lower Center of Gravity – Shorter King Pin

for use in Skate Frames “07”:
Matrix Steel
Matrix Titanium
Killer Steel
Killer Titanium

Roll-Line 13mm Click-Action “07” King Pins are engineered to be light-weight and withstand the use and abuse of high level competitive Skating.

Roll-Line 13mm Click-Action “07” King Pins have a 13mm deep socket and thread that screw into a Roll-Line Skate Plate (labeled “07”, which means the Skates were manufactured after 2007 with the Lower Center of Gravity design or shorter King Pin).  When installing, a 16mm, two (2) sided flat wrench will be required, or better yet and the easiest way to change King Pins, use the special custom Skates US King Pin Removal Tool.  The Skates US King Pin Removal Tool is usually mounted into a bench mounted vice or used with a large Breaker Bar.  Without the Skates US King Pin Removal Tool it is extremely difficult to remove the King Pin without damaging or destroying the wrench flats, as the King Pins are installed with “BLUE” Removable Lock-Tite to ensure they stay locked into the Skate Plate.  When installing new King Pins ALWAYS use the “BLUE” Removable Lock-Tite.

Roll-Line 13mm Click-Action “07” King Pins are engineered to bend before breaking, so they rarely break. Normal causes for King Pins to need to be replaced are

1.  Improperly Adjusted Pivot Pins (see Pivot Pins for more information on properly adjusting) which move up and down or side to side in the socket, allowing an extra ordinary amount of stress and strain on the King Pins.

2.  The Adjusting Threads on the bottom of the King Pin get Stripped.  This usually only happens when the King Pin Locking “Keeper” Screw is loosened and the Adjusting Click Nut is run on the very last thread or two.  (see Suspension “Cushion” information to ensure you are using the correct hardness Suspensions for your application.)

When using the Roll-Line 13mm Click-Action “07” King Pins, the large (Upper Suspension (Cushion) will be smaller or slightly shorter than those used in the other models of Roll-Line Skate Frames.  In the “07” models, the Suspensions (Cushions) will usually be one (1) level softer than used on other models of Roll-Line Skate Frames.