Roll-Line – KING PIN Removal WRENCH
        16mm for King Pin Removal
Part Number:   CHMAG16

The Roll-Line KING PIN REMOVAL WRENCH 16mm is used to loosen and remove or re-install the King Pins in Roll-Line Skates. The 16mm Wrench works on most all of the older and Current Roll-Line King Pins, both Click and Non-Click, but does not work on the Variant, Non Click King Pins. The 16mm Wrench will often leave marks or scars on the softer King Pins, due to the extreme amount of torque required to loosen the King Pins that have been installed properly with Blue Removable Lock-Tite. For the best and easiest results of removing or installing King Pins in Roll-Line Frames it is recommended to use the SkatesUS.com – Custom KING PIN REMOVAL TOOL , Part Number:   SK-KPRT16