3mm Allen L WRENCH (Old Style Frames)



Roll-Line – 3mm Allen L WRENCH (Old Style Frames)
          3mm for the King Pin Locking Screws
Part Number:   CHBER3

The Roll-Line 3mm Allen L WRENCH is used to Tighten the King Pin Locking Screw, also called the “KEEPER Screw” on Pre ’04 Roll-Line frames.

Keeping the King Pin Locking Screw Tight is very important to the safety of the Skaters. The King Pin Locking Screw is also known as the “KEEPER Screw”, as it keeps the Adjustment Nut from being able to be backed off to the point that the skate will come apart, while skating. If the King Pin Action Adjustment Nut or Click Nuts are loosened (to achieve more flexible Action) to the point that they hit the “Keeper Screw”, the Action has been Loosened to the maximum. This is based on the Suspensions (Cushions) that you are using. If you need more Action, a more flexible Suspension (Cushion) will be required, to allow the Skate Adjustment to be operated in the normal operating range of the adjustment. The Normal Operating Range, Does NOT include backing out the “KEEPER Screw” to achieve a more Flexible Action.