4mm Allen T Wrench



Roll-Line – 4mm Allen T WRENCH 
        4mm for the King Pin Allen Locking Screws (Keeper Screws)
Part Number:   CHBER4T 

The Roll-Line 4mm Allen T WRENCH is used to Tighten the King Pin Allen Locking Screws. 

The Toe Stop Allen Screw should be kept tight, but not Over Tightened. Once the Toe Stop will not turn and is locked in solidly, stop tightening.

The Toe Stop Allen Screw socket, in the Frame (Plate), must be lubricated. Keep the threads and the socket that the rear of the Allen Screw head well lubricated with Lithium Grease (a medium weight white grease). Keeping these areas well lubricated will allow the Toe Stop to be easily Tightened and Loosened.

A trick that works on most Frames (Plates), to keep the Toe Stop TIGHT, is to take the Toe Stop out, make sure the Allen Screw is properly lubricated, then Tighten the Allen Screw, very tight, leave it overnight. This draws the Frame together and makes it a tighter fit for the Toe Stop. Re-Install the Toe Stop and tighten appropriately, but do not over-tighten the Allen Screw.