4mm Allen T Wrench



Roll-Line – 4mm Allen T WRENCH 
        (4mm for the King Pin Allen Locking Screws (Keeper Screws)
Part Number:   CHBER5T 

The Roll-Line 4mm Allen T WRENCH is used to Tighten the King Pin Allen Locking Screws. 

The King Pin Allen Locking Screw should be kept completely tight, and locked.  These Locking or Keeper Screws MUST NOT be Loosened to allow for more Suspension (Cushion) Actions.  If the Click Nut is completely run against the Keeper Locking Screw, the way to get more ACTION is to use softer Suspensions (Cushions).  These Locking Screws should also not be Over Tightened, but should be locked Completely.

This Roll-Line 4mm Allen T Wrench is very easy to use and is available from SkatesUS.com