Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws – 3mm (Set of 4) for OLDER (before “04”) Models



Roll-Line Stainless Steel Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws (Set of 4)
     “Keeper Screw” – Keeps the Skate from coming apart.
     Works for both Roll-Line Click Action and NON-Click Action Systems
     Has 3mm Allen Head Socket for 3mm Allen Wrench Adjustment.

These Roll-Line Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws must be kept 100% tight.  This is for your safety.
These Roll-Line Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws are also called “Keeper Screws”, which keep the Skate from coming Apart. 

Use with 3mm Allen Wrench Only

These Roll-Line Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws are to be locked into the bottom of the King Pin (which does NOT expand or swell with the installation of the Locking Screws).  
If the Adjusting Click Nut is loosened too much, it will run into the Roll-Line Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws.  If this happens and there is a desire for more ACTION (Looser Trucks), DO NOT loosen the Roll-Line Adjustment King Pin Locking Screws to get more Action. A Bolt Marked A2-70 Is A 304 Stainless Steel Bolt With A 700 N/mm2 Tensile Strength

The correct thing to do is to change to a softer set of Suspensions (Cushions).  See Suspension “Cushion” information to ensure you are using the correct hardness Suspensions for your application.