Ambra Super Professional (Hockey and Derby)



AMBRA HOCKEY BIG (Ambra Super Professional) , Professional Toe Stops in Natural Rubber
Thread Types Available:  Metric Threads (ONLY)
Colors Available:   Natural (also sometimes called Brown or Amber)
Abrasion:  5 Star
Grip:  5 Star
Resiliency:  5 Star

The Roll-Line AMBRA HOCKEY BIG is the BEST and Most Popular HOCKEY Toe Stop in the World, Available for ALL Levels Quad Hockey Players . The AMBRA HOCKEY BIG Toe Stops are available from The AMBRA HOCKEY BIG Toe Stops have all of the GREAT characteristics needed in Toe Stops, Abrasion, Grip, and Resiliency, all 5 Star performance.

The Roll-Line AMBRA HOCKEY BIG Natural Toe Stops are available in Metric (ONLY) Threads. All Roll-Line Frames have Metric Toe Stop Threads. ATLAS, Snyder, and Sure Grip use US Threads.