Carbon Filler Plugs



Pack of 25, 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Filler Plugs made in Italy from Carbon Fibre rods
The EDEA CARBON FILLER PLUGS are used to fill unused holes when mounting a new blade or repositioning an existing blade.
How to use the Carbon Filler Plugs
Apply adhesive (usually Marine Epoxy) to the Carbon Filler Plugs, then utilizing needle nose pliers to hold the Carbon Filler Plug, use a small hammer to tap them into the unused holes. The Carbon Filler Plugs are exactly the correct length for the EDEA Footbed After allowing the adhesive to harden, the new holes can be drilled with a 2.0mm (5/64ths”) drill bit. (If there is no hole interference for new hole locations, it is not necessary to fill the unused holes).