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figure_4 CELEBRITY ART Junior Skates dance_4 CELEBRITY ART Junior Skates freestyle_4 CELEBRITY ART Junior Skates
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The ONLY remaining sizes available are as follows (email to confirm they are still available if you wish to order):

Black OR White – Size EU28 (US Junior’s 10), Size EU29 (US Junior’s 11), Size EU30 (US Junior’s 12), Size EU31 (US Junior’s 13), 





Sizes:    Euro        28 to 31
 US Boys and Girls  J10 to J13
     (all Sizing based on Euro Sizes) 

CRAZY Leatherette Supreme Comfort Boot
CRAZY Rocket Durable Nylon Plate (Not just Plastic) 
CRAZY Rubber Toe Stops (Non-Marking)
CRAZY 58mm Signature Urethane Wheels (Not Cheap Plastic) 
CRAZY ABEC 1 – 8mm Full Precision Bearings 

Simply the Best Value Art/Recreation Skate – Incredible Features NOT found on Competitive Models – 
Nothing Else Compares!!!

The all new CRAZY Skates CELEBRITY ART Junior Skates sets the new standards for the beginning Classic Hi-White and Hi Black Skate for young Boys and Girls.  Featuring the CRAZY Skates Rocket durable Nylon Skate Frame and Trucks with REAL Non-Marking RUBBER Toe Stops, a super comfortable Leatherette Skate Boot, and super responsive 58mm Poly Urethane Wheels.  Crazy Skates of Australia, has assembled a team of some of the best Skaters, Derby Skaters, Boot Makers, Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Chemical Engineers in the world to provide Skaters everywhere with a whole new level of Comfort and Performance at absolutely incredible prices from  

CRAZY Skates even has a special way of Lacing the Skates so as to be able to individually adjust the tightness of each crossing of the laces.  The Lacing System utilizes the Laces being installed Over the Top or from the Outside to the Inside and then when the laces are drawn, you will Cross Pull from the Center Out, and the Laces will lock in place when the proper laces are utilized.  To prevent the Toe Box from getting too tight over time, remember to loosen the Laces all the way down EVERY Time the Skates are taken off.  

CRAZY Skates Mount – The CRAZY Skates factory mount is extremely accurate and consistent.  The Mount is a 4 Bolt Mounting system, utilizing Lock Nuts and with internal Mounting Bridges at the Ball of the Feet utilizing six (4) mounting points on each Skate for a VERY Secure Mount.

What comes with the CRAZY Skates CELEBRITY ART Junior Outfit: The CELEBRITY ART Junior complete Skate Outfit, includes the Supreme Comfort Leatherette CRAZY Skates Celebrity Art Junior Boot, the Rocket Skate Frames, Set of 8 CELEBRITY ART 58mm Wheels with 8 Spacers and 16 ABEC 1 Bearings installed on the Skates, 8 Axle Nuts on the Axles, and a pair of Rubber Toe Stops.

It’s simple, No other Junior Art Skate compares in VALUE, COMFORT, or QUALITY!  These Skates have been designed to help the very Young Beginner Artistic or Recreational Skater enjoy their time on the Skating floor and to allow them to work on and improve their Skating Skills.

It’s Easy, the CELEBRITY ART Junior Skates are dedicated to making your Skating and Learning experience enjoyable. 

size_conversion_chart CELEBRITY ART Junior Skates

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