Clean Bearings



Clean and Lubricate One Set of Bearings (used for Roller Frames) will completely Clean (as thoroughly as possible, especially if the bearings are shielded). Once the bearings are cleaned, they will be blown out and checked for Roll, Smoothness of the Races (which equals smoothness of the Roll), proper amount of Thrust or Axial Play, make sure there is not too much Radial Play, and the integrity of the bearing Cage. If the bearings do not meet the acceptable needs, then , may recommend the replacement of the Bearing or Bearings. Once the Bearings are checked, they will be Lubricated with SS-ROLL Oil from .

SS-ROLL Oil from is a VERY GOOD Lightweight Oil that will stay in the bearings, providing good Lubrication and ROLL . If you are at a Competition and need your bearings cleaned fast and without removing them, you might want to use a detergent based Oil like 3 IN 1, WD-40, or even Uncle Charlie’s Magic Oil. These will work and somewhat clean the Bearings while you skate, but they DO NOT provide the long term lubrication of the Bearings.

Pricing is for Labor and Does NOT include Parts, Materials, or Shipping Costs.