Description – Custom KING PIN REMOVAL TOOL for Roll-Line
Part Number:   SK-KPRT16

The Custom KING PIN REMOVAL TOOL is used to remove and install King Pins from and into Roll-Line Frames. developed this valuable tool with the desire of being able to remove and install King Pins without damaging the King Pins, as happens when standard wrenches are used and without damaging the Frames. The Custom KING PIN REMOVAL TOOL is designed to be mounted into a well secured bench Vise (the best method) or can be used with a Breaker Bar or Large Screw Driver (in case of emergency or if a proper Vise is not available). The King Pin is slipped into the Custom KING PIN REMOVAL TOOL making sure that the 16mm Flats on the King Pin are securely positioned into the Tool, then rotate the entire Frame (Plate) Left to Loosen or Right to Tighten the King Pins. When removing the King Pins, a large amount of force will probably be needed, as the King Pins are installed with Removable Lock-Tite (Blue) to provide extra security and prevent the King Ping from loosening up when skated on. Please Note: ALWAYS use Removable Lock-Tite (Blue) when installing King Pins in Frames and make extra sure that the King Pins are Securely and Firmly seated and tightened into the Frames. Wipe away the excess Lock-Tite immediately when the King Pins have been installed.

If you ever have to remove or install King Pins in Roll-Line Frames, you will want to use this tool. But if this sounds like too much work, you can always let, remove or install the King Pins for you. See the Services Section of .