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Only size EU 37 remains.  No other sizes available.  Price has been further reduced to $99.


figure_1 DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale dance_1 DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale freestyle_1 DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale
derby_5 DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale recreational_4 DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale jam_4 DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale
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SPECIAL Close Out Sale
All stock quantities are limited in sizes and colors
Please E-Mail 
to determine availability

This is an inventory Close Out Sale
Once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

CRAZY Skates    DBX 5 / Apollo
    Derby Collection
Sizes:  Euro                 37

Approx. 5.5 US ladies, 5 US Mens.  This is the ONLY size remaining – no other sizes.  Limited quantity available.

DBX 5 Boot Leather 
      Color:  Black
Apollo Skate Professional Frames
(all Threads are American or SAE, Not Metric)
Black Eye Brusier Wheels 62mm X 38mm 
ABEC3 8mm Precision Bearings
the Arrow Toe Stops (no Substituions available)
Mounted with Power Wedges
    Standard Length Mount
Only includes stock IFS Footbed System, No Extras

(Pictured with Upgraded StikAFlex Wheels) 


The CRAZY Skates DBX 5 is a very High Performance Derby Skate and is the culmination of several years of intensive research and development to bring the very best COMFORT and PERFORMANCE to Skating and especially Derby Skating.  Crazy Skates of Australia, has assembled a team of some of the best Skaters, Derby Skaters, Boot Makers, Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Chemical Engineers in the world to provide Skaters everywhere with a whole new level of Comfort and Performance at incredible prices from

The CRAZY Skates DBX 5 Boot has a Leather Outside with MicroFiber linings that incorporates three core technologies and many other features in an ultra comfortable Skating Boot. 

The first is the HLT or Heel Lock Technology, which utilizes Memory Foam (like on your mattress at home) to lock the Heel into the Heel Pocket and to secure the Achilles Tendon preventing Heel Slip.  Approximately 70% of the DBX 5 Boot is “Heat Shapeable” (see the video on our site) due to the use of an ABS Counter that is designed into the Boot from the inside Ball of the Foot and around the back of the Boot to the outside Ball of the Foot.  “Heat Shaping” is what allows the Stock DBX 5 Boot become a Custom Boot with a Custom Fit, just for you.  CRAZY Skates uses CoolMax MicroFiber Padded Lining to wick the perspiration away from the Skaters Feet and the when the Skates are removed and allowed to ventilate, the moisture is allowed to escape and keeps the padding from rotting and going flat. 

 The second core technology is the 3DT or 3D Tongue.  This Tongue System conforms to the Foot and allows for both Narrow and also very Wide Feet.  CRAZY Skates has designed a unique Tongue and Toe Box System that with proper lacing can provide for those Skaters with very Wide Ball of the Foot and Toe Box Areas, while if drawn tight can be brought in to fit a very Narrow Foot.  The 3D Tongue also wraps around the foot and with the Laces run through the Velcro Tongue Tab, which is held in place by the Wide Cinch Strap, the Tongue will stay in place and not slide off to the side. 

 CRAZY Skates even has a special way of Lacing the Skates so as to be able to individually adjust the tightness of each crossing of the laces.  The Lacing System utilizes the Laces being installed Over the Top or from the Outside to the Inside and then when the laces are drawn, you will Cross Pull from the Center Out, and the Laces will lock in place when the proper laces are utilized.  To prevent the Toe Box from getting too tight over time, remember to loosen the Laces all the way down EVERY Time the Skates are taken off.  There are two Cinch Straps, the top one is used as a part of the Heel Lock System and should be used to assist in pulling the Heel back into the Heel Pocket.  The Toe Strap is a CRAZY Skates Exclusive Design and is used to eliminate Lateral Slide of the Ball of the Foot in the Boot.   The Heel of the Boot has a reinforced Heel Plate which will provide the CRAZY Skates DBX 5 Boot with Stability and not allow it to lay down or for the upper part of the Boot to pull away from the Sole.  The CRAZY Skates DBX 5 Boot integrates an extremely durable Toe Protector along with extra protection on both the inside and outside ball of the foot.  These protections will help the DBX Boot to last longer than others.  The CRAZY Skates DBX 5 Boot is a VERY well designed Skating Boot that takes a Stock Boot and allows the Comfort and Fit of a Custom Skate and also provides great control for the Skater over the Skate Frame underneath.  One of the most amazing things about the CRAZY Skates DBX 5 is the extreme comfort and ease of Break-In.

The CRAZY Skates Apollo Skate (Frame) is an exceptional design which utilizes the very best technologies that are available to create Magic in its performance.  The CRAZY Skates Apollo Plate is designed of very Strong, Lightweight, and Rigid Nylon Fiberglass Plastic Skate Frame providing a GREAT looking Plate that has an Aluminum Insert with an Allen Screw Adjustable Toe Stop and Delrin Pivot Pin Inserts.  The CRAZY Skates Apollo Skate (Frame) uses the very articulate 20 degree action that both rocks and turns like many of the best Artistic Skates in the World and with Trucks that use a single Adjustment Nut to articulate the Action Adjustment.  The CRAZY Skates Apollo Skate King Pin is an actual King Pin of Stainless Steel made specifically to be a King pin (not just a standard bolt) that utilizes a special Locking Nut to secure it to the Plate and increase the Strength to stand up to the most rigorous usage.  The standardized complete Truck Assembly assures consistent high levels of performance across the CRAZY Skates Frames, including the Venus and the Apollo.  The Aluminum Truck is imbedded with a highly precision 8mm Axle and a hardened steel Pivot Pin.  The Core of the Truck assembly, where the Cushions (Suspensions) are seated is larger, allowing for the Larger Upper Cushion to go through the Core of the Truck and touch the Smaller Lower Conical Shaped Cushion.  This design Totally Encapsulates the King Pin creating the magic feel of a very Stable, Smooth, Fast, and Articulate Action, providing GREAT Edging and Total Control of the CRAZY Skates Apollo Skate.  The CRAZY Skates Apollo Skate (Frame) comes complete with a set of High Rebound, Fast Snap-Back Rubber Cushions.  There are limited quantities of High Performance Urethane Cushions available as an Accessory.
The Soft or Flexible Cushions are Green
The Mid or Medium Cushions are Clear
The Firm or Hard Cushions are Purple
    There is a fourth hardness that is available only as an optional Accessory.
The Xtra-Firm or Xtra Hard Cushions are Blue.
These Cushions can be swapped very easily and also mixed and matched to create many combinations.  See the Video in the Learning Center.

Remember that the Larger Upper Cushion is the one that that goes through the Core of the Truck and provides the Stability of an Edge and should most always be the Stiffer Cushion if they are mixed and matched.  The Smaller Lower Cushion provides the quick and sharp movements and should most always be the Softer Cushion if they are mixed and matched.  

The CRAZY Skates Black Eye Bruiser Wheels are a 62mm Diameter and the width is 36mm.  The CRAZY Skates Black Eye Bruiser Wheels are a very grippy wheel with a moderate size Delrin Hub, which promotes longer “Roll”.  They are designed specifically for Roller Derby and most of the adverse Tracks that Derby Skaters Skate on.  Derby skates on a small Track and Derby Skaters must have a super agility.  Having Wheels that are not as wide as “speed” wheels, provides the opportunity to have good tight crosses on the corners and to not get tripped up in your own wheels.

The CRAZY Skates ARROW Toe Stops are very durable Rubber Toe Stops with a flat bottom to help with that “Get Up and Run” needed for Derby.  The Toe Stops are American (SAE) Thread.  The CRAZY Arrow Toe Stops are adjusted in the Venus Plate by an Allen Screw that uses a Standard 3/16ths inch Allen Wrench or T-Wrench. 

CRAZY Skates Mount and Power Wedges – The CRAZY Skates factory mount is extremely accurate and consistent.  The Mount is Bolt Mounted utilizing Lock Nuts and with internal Mounting Bridges at the Ball of the Feet utilizing six (6) mounting points on each Skate for a VERY Secure Mount.  The Mount Positioning is very Centered, just barely to the outside of the long axis and the CRAZY Plate Sizing is based on Standard Length Plates, placing the Front Axle under the Ball of the Foot and the Rear Axle under the Center of the Heel.  This type of Mount provides the absolute best and most flexible Control of the Skates.  Other Custom Mounts are available, but without consultation, are not recommended and will take additional time and possibly charges.  The CRAZY Skates Power Wedges are a very distinct advantage to the Skaters using them.  The Power Wedge is a wedge of lightweight Nylon Plastic goes between the Toe of the Boot and the Flat top of the Plate (Skate Frame).  All shoes, boots, and Skating Boots have a natural curvature of allowing the Toes to come up and if the Skating Boots are pushed down to match the Flat top of the Plate the Boot can become deformed and mis-shaped placing stress on the Boot and potentially the Foot inside.  By installing CRAZY Skates Power Wedges, that fill this space and provide a solid surface for the Boot to rest on and press against (not allowing the toe of the Boot to Flex) during the pushing process actually greatly increases the Power of the Push, thus the name “Power Wedge”

What comes with the CRAZY Skates DBX 5 Outfit: The DBX 5 complete Skate Outfit, includes the DBX 5 Boots, pair of Power Wedges, the Venus Skate Frames, 8 Spacers and Bearings on the Axles, 8 Axle Nuts on the Axles, a pair of Toe Stops, a Set of 8 Wheels, and a set of two (2) tools including a Plus sign (+)-Style Multi Wrench and a 3/16ths Allen Wrench.


size_conversion_chart DBX 5 APOLLO Derby Skate-Special Close Out Sale 

This is a SPECIAL Close Out Sale

All stock quantities are limited in sizes and colors, Please E-Mail to determine availability

This is an inventory Close Out Sale  Once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

DO NOT “Add to Cart” and try to purchase Online.  Please E-Mail to determine availability.  Online orders will be invalidated.