Dis-Mount and/or Mount Bearings in Wheels



Dis-Mount and/or Mount Bearings in Wheels (used for Roller Frames)

SkatesUS.com will Pull the Bearings from a set of Wheels (8) and Install or Re-Install a set of Bearings (either New, Cleaned, or just replaced). Care will be taken to seat the bearings correctly into the wheels, so the Bearings are Parallel to each other. In some instances, the Wheel Hub is not machined correctly to allow proper roll, correcting this is not covered in this type of installation.

SkatesUS.com does recommend the use of Spacers between the bearings whenever possible. The use of Spacers and being able to Lock down the Axle Nuts completely, effectively increases the Axle size from 7mm to 13mm. This is very important to FreeStyle Skaters, when falling and letting the heel and rear wheels slam into the floor, sometimes bending the rear Axles. With the use of Spacers, there is less of a chance of Bending an Axle.

Pricing is for Labor and Does NOT include Parts, Materials, or Shipping Costs.