Edea Balancè



Made from high quality Carbon Steel. 
Model:  Balancè
Sizes:   7″ through 11 1/3″ in 1/3″ increments.
Rocker Radius:  8′ Radius
Radius of Hollow (ROH):   1/2″
Blade Style:   Parallel
Rake Style:   Steight Cut Rake

New for 2016 Edea Balancè blades designed to match perfectly our Brio, Motivo and Preludio boots.
A shiny Chrome finished blade, with a flatter profile specifically designed for the improving beginner to increase stability and aid learning.

When mounting to EDEA Skates, the Blade Sizing is very consistent for each size and between models, please use the Sizing Chart. When Mounting EDEA Skates, please follow the correct Blade Mounting procedures for all EDEA Skates. The Sizing and Mounting information is in the Learning Center on SkatesUS.com. When properly mounted utilizing the EDEA screws, no additional water proofing of the Skates should be necessary.

(Please allow at least 5 business days from placing the order to shipping from SkatesUS.com.)