EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock UnderSoles


EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock Technology UnderSoles
EDEA presents the world’s first Shock Absorbing UnderSole for Skaters (both Ice and Roller) since 2011 – and All other foot impact sports!


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EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock UnderSoles  (NOENE is a Swiss Technology) 

Reduces the IMPACT Shock of landing by its Viscoelastic properties

The IMPACT is Absorbed, Diffused, and Dispersed by 43% (for one layer, 63% for 2 layers)

The IMPACT from Landing Jumps is 7 to 8 times your body weight

Only 1mm Thin Ultra-Light 13 grams (for size 280, mens 9) 

Reduces workout Fatigue, so you can train harder and longer


Tech Specs

The competition among Skaters is becoming more intense, with more Skaters performing at ever younger ages, more Jumps, harder Jumps, and Jump Combinations.  The training intensity due to the repeated impact of the landings can lead to additional stress in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, neck, and even to the base of the skull.

Tests have shown that the impact of landing Jumps is 7 to 8 times your body weight.

EDEA through SkatesUS.com , has since 2011 been providing this magical solution that actually absorbs, diffuses, and disperses 43% (for one layer and 63% for 2 layers) of the shock and impact vibrations of landing jumps from injuring key parts of the body.  Many of the top level Skaters have been using this technology for years to enhance their performance and jumping abilities while reducing the potential of impact related short and long term injuries.  “NOENE” Anti-Shock Technology, a Swiss technology is being employed by EDEA to absorb, diffuse, disperse and effectively reduce up to 63% of the SHOCK and IMPACT from the heel to the head. At the molecular level, the “NOENE” material is taking the vertical impact and dispersing it horizontally, away from the body by it’s viscoelasticity properties. 

Skating surfaces (both ice and roller) are hard surfaces that absorb very little if any of the shock of the impact from landing jumps. In fact these shock and impact vibration waves are actually reflected back into the Skaters body to diffuse and absorb them. These waves of energy caused by the collision shock of landing are called kinetic energy or also negative energy. This negative energy can cause long-lasting issues to the nerves that control the free movement of the body. These micro-trauma can show up as pinched nerves, tendinitis, osteitis, and micro fractures to name a few, which can lead to the soreness of the feet, heel spurs, ankles, shin splints, and joint damage and provoke fatigue from the foot through the knees, hips, back, and right up to the base of the skull.

EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock Technology UnderSoles are only an extra thin 1mm thick and ultra-light 13 grams of weight (in size 280, approx a mens size 9), and are to be installed under the EDEA Anatomic InnerSole or custom orthotic innersoles. They can be easily hand washed with soap and lukewarm water and a sponge. The guarantee is 1 year.  This very thin EDEA Anti-Shock UnderSole will provide the shock absorption, diffusion, and dispertion qualities for which “NOENE” is famous.

The Skater’s instrument is worth gold, help to take care of it.

Sizes are in EDEA Skates centimeter sizing (195 through 310). Please contact OrderDesk@SkatesUS.com or call the shop at (765) 935-7477 to order.

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Read more about the new Anti-Shock system, featured in the EDEA 2017 catalog. Click each image to view larger.

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