EDEA Skate Laces with Crystal

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EDEA Skating Laces are some of the very finest laces available. They are similar to a parachute cord, but without the nylon strand fillers. The laces are a combination of nylon, polyester, and cotton to help keep skates tight and they are VERY strong. These special laces have a crystal in the center of the lace which shows at the front of the boot.

Available in White and Tan

  White: 200mm-300mm
  Tan: 240mm – 260mm 


What Size Lace Do I Need?

The lace sizes are determined by which size and style of boot you are skating in. The Wave and the Showgirl size guidelines vary from all other EDEA boots as shown below.

Chorus, Classica, Concerto, Flamenco, Flamenco Ice, Fly, Ice Fly, Motivo, Overture, Piano, Ritmo, or Rondo

Boot Size  Lace Size
185-200 200
205-220 220
225-240 240
245-260 260
265-290 280
295-310 300


Boot Size  Lace Size
230 220
235-250 240
255-280 260


Boot Size  Lace Size
185-240 200
245-280 220