EDEA Spinner – Rotation Training Tool


The EDEA Spinner is a tool that scientifically simulates Skating Positions and Actions. It is Easy to Use and Lightweight so you can carry it with you everywhere.

The EDEA Spinner Helps to develop and train good Skating posture, balance, orientation, and control. The EDEA Spinner helps with the training and control of pressure points, balance, and edges in the Skaters Foot, the Skaters Employed Leg and the entire Skaters Body.

NOTE: Due to supply chain delays, some styles may be temporarily out of stock.


Who should use a Spinner?

  The EDEA Spinner can be used by EVERYBODY!!! From the Beginner to the Champions!!

Where to use the Spinner?

  The EDEA Spinner can be used on most any hard, smooth, clean surface indoors or outdoors.

When to use the Spinner

  The EDEA Spinner can be used ALL THE TIME!! It is useful to warm up before training and competition.

How to use the Spinner

To use the EDEA Spinner Place your bare foot on the Spinner (with toes toward the wide end). Start turning and try to feel the pressure points and balance. Then push from the free leg and slowly spin.

Which exercises can you work on the Spinner?

  The EDEA Spinner will help with all OFF Skate Training that requires rotation:

  • SPINS: Sit Spins, Camel Spins, Fast Spins, Layback Spins, Inverted Spins, and Combination Spins (both Forward and Backward, utilizing 2 Spinners).
  • JUMPS: Helps with training in the controlling of Rotations and the Landing Positions.
  • Figures and Moves in the Field: 3 Turns, Rockers, Counters, Brackets, Loops, and much more!!