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ICE 88A, 90A, 92A, 95A, and 97A Professional Ultra-Lite Dance Wheels
Part Number:  STRUICE
Hardness:  Blue = 88A, Gold = 90A, Green = 92A, White = 95A, & Silver/Grey = 97A
Diameter:  63mm     Please note that ICE wheels are being transitioned from 63mm to 61mm. If 63mm has been depleted in the hardness you have requested, you will receive 61mm wheels.
Compound:  Latest generation of a NEW Tri-Compound Polymer Formula Urethane
Hub Info:  Large Hub, Outside is Blue, Gold, Green, White, or Grey Chromed (indicating wheel Hardness)
Printing:  The newer version of the ICE Wheels has the Name and Wheel information printed on the Back Surface of the Wheels.  This provides a much cleaner look to the Wheels
Normally available from our Skates US Stock:  All Hardnesses

If you would like a MIXED set of hardnesses, add 1 set of wheels to your cart and during checkout, specify how many of each hardness you would like in the “Order Notes – Optional” field. For example: (Qty 4 92A, Qty 4 95A). You may ONLY order mixed sets in multiples of 2 – so 5 of one hardness and 3 of another is NOT allowed, but 2 + 2 + 4, or 4 + 4, or 2 + 6 are all fine. Mixed sets are ONLY allowed if all wheels are the same TYPE and DIAMETER.

The Roll-Line ICE Professional Dance Wheels are the BEST Dance Wheels available today and Skated on by more World Champions than any other wheel.  The Roll-Line ICE Professional Dance Wheels have been designed to meet the new demands of the world of Dance, Solo Dance, and Show Groups.  Roll-Line has reinvented the wheel giving it properties that are normally not achievable in one wheel, incredible Smoothness (from the use of a little more Rebound), Tight Grip, Low Noise, and Super Roll.  This combination of features has not been possible in the past, until Roll-Line developed the right blend of three Urethane Polymers of the latest generation to create the ICE Professional Dance Wheels.  Roll-Line based the design on that of the Low Rider Tire concept. Large Hub and a Smaller, Thinner Tread, and produced one of the LIGHTEST, TIGHTEST, and BEST ROLLING wheels available. Roll-Line has developed the Delrin Hub which is incredibly Strong, very Light, and with extremely Close Tolerances for Roundness, Trueness, and for the Cage where the Bearings and Spacers are mounted. The Roll-Line Tread is a new Tri-Compound Polymer Formula, which provides Tight Grip, without the tire compression of other competitive wheels on the market.  The lack of tire compression, along with the thinner tread, mounted on the Roll-Line Hub, is what provides the INCREDIBLE ROLL. The ICE 88A, 90A, 92A, 95A, and 97A Wheels are for skating surfaces a large range of grip.  

The Hubs of the ICE Professional Dance Wheels are Chromed.  The back side of the Wheel (where the printing is) and the color of the hub identifies which hardness the wheel is.
88A = Blue
90A = Gold
92A = Green
95A = Silver/White
97A = Silver/Grey

In the USA, most popular Wheels which are used by most Skaters, are the ICE 95A (which is similar to others 101A in grip, but with more ROLL), while the ICE 88A, 90A, and 92A are used for the ability to press those Strong Edges on Skating Surfaces that are a bit less than tight.  The ICE 97A (which is similar to others 103A in grip, but with more ROLL), is best used on high level competitive Skating Surfaces that are a bit more Tight to provide that incredible ROLL.

The Shore “A” scale only goes to 100, so numbers higher are marketing numbers only, and not representative of true hardnesses of the wheels.  The softer the wheel, or lower Shore “A” hardness number, the more the grip and slightly less roll. The harder the wheel, or higher Shore “A” number, the more the roll, with slightly less grip.

It is almost always recommended to use spacers in the wheels, when using standard 7mm bearings. Long ago, before the use of Lock Nuts (the nuts that have the Nylon Plastic inserts) to hold the wheels on the axles, Jam Nuts were used, but when the spacer was not as wide as the web of the wheel, or the wheel was not machined accurately, the bearings would lock up, the nut had to be tight, and could not be “backed-off”. This method, of locking the Axle Nut down, did promote proper bearing alignment and did increase the diameter of the axle from 7mm to approximately 14mm, because everything was locked down, which also saved the problems of bent axles. Today we do use Lock Nuts. It is still very advisable to lock everything down (especially for FreeStyle, Jam, and Roller Derby Skaters). Roll-Line does provide Spacers for Roll-Line Wheels with each pair of Frames or they can be purchased separately. Properly locking the Wheels down when using standard bearing types, will also promote longer bearing life.

The Roll-Line 7mm SpeedRace & SpeedMax Bearings , are specifically made for very High Level Competitive FreeStyle Roller Skating and are a very Durable Bearing with lots of ROLL. The SpeedRace & SpeedMax  Bearings are Free Rolling with minimal Radial Play which promotes and very evenly distributes the load across the 7 or 8 (of the SpeedMax) balls for optimal Roll and a good amount of Axial Play or Thrust, which is the side movement of the inner race in relation to the outer race. This movement is very important because when Skaters push, we always put side load on the skate to get power in the push or stroke. If the Bearing does not allow for this, it will bind and LOOSE operating speed or ROLL. These provisions in the Race Curvature and Contact Angle allow the Roll-Line SpeedRace & SpeedMax Bearings to ROLL very freely 

The Roll-Line SpeedRace Bearings have 7 balls and a rubber sealant Shield and the SpeedMax have 8 balls and a metal Shield and are ONLY available for 7mm Axles. The Roll-Line SpeedRace & SpeedMax Bearings are skated on by most of the World level FreeStyle Skaters and Champions.

Disclaimer Concerning Urethane Roller Skating Wheels: The possible natural-occurring variation of the colors of the urethane roller wheels, including but not limited to a “yellowing” of the urethane, has no effect on the quality, use or performance of the wheels. Any such discoloration does NOT warrant returns, replacement, or a discount.