Linea Wheel Spacers – Aluminum (set of 6)



Roll-Line Line Wheel Spacers
Set of 6 – Aluminum Spacers
8mm Center Boar, 11mm web, and 18mm OD for 8mm Linea Axles.

Why Use Spacers in Roller Skate Wheels?

Any Wheel with Bearings, when properly installed on Skate Axles, should use Spacers.


The Linea Skate Frame is a precision skate frame.  To get the best performance, it is highly recommended to use bearing spacers. 

When the Axle is tightened down on the wheel (with bearings and a spacer) that effectively increases the Axle size.   The increasing of the Axle size greatly reduces the possibility of bending or breaking any Axle. By locking the Bearings and Spacer down, it also assures that the center race of each Bearing is not spinning on the Axle, but that the balls of the Bearings are actually doing the work that they are intended to. Tightening the Axle on a Wheel without a Spacer can severely misalign the center races of the Bearings to the outer races of the Bearings by compressing the inner races towards the center of the Wheel.

Roll-Line Zero Wheels are recommended for Linea Plates.