Lower Suspension (Cushion) “Click-Action” Cups (Set of 4)




Roll-Line Lower Suspension (Cushion) “Click-Action” Cups or also called “Click Caps” (Set of 4)

Closest to the Skating surface
Is the same for ALL “04” Click-Action Frames

for use in Skate Frames “04”:

Mariner Cup
Energy Steel
Energy Titanium
Matrix Steel
Matrix Titanium
Killer Steel
Killer Titanium

Roll-Line Lower Suspension (Cushion) “Click-Action” Cups or also called “Click Caps” are engineered to be light-weight and withstand the use and abuse of high level competitive Skating.

Roll-Line Upper Cushion Cups are the Suspension (Cushion) Cups that are closest to the Skating Surface.  They are the same for ALL Roll-Line “Click-Action” Skate Frames.

The inner Circumference of the “Click Cap” has 3 concentric tabs that lock into the King Pin and keeps the “Click Cap” from spinning, thus allowing the “Click Nut” to adjust the tension desired on the Suspensions (Cushions).

Very rarely as a result of trying to over tighten a Suspension (Cushion) that is too soft (for the specific type of Skating) the “Click Cap”  can beak loose and spins or is trying to rotate with the “Click Nut”  This is a result of the three (3) tabs breaking off of the “Click Cap”.  They need to be replaced to once again have the Click-Action Adjustment available.