Lower Suspension (Cushion) “NON-Click Cups (Set of 4)




Roll-Line Lower Suspension (Cushion) “NON-Click-Action” Cups also called “Lower “NON-Click-Cup” (Set of 4)

Closest to the Skating surface
Is the same for ALL “04” NON-Click-Action Frames

for use in Skate Frames “04”:

Variant M

Roll-Line Lower Suspension (Cushion) “NON-Click-Action” Cups or also called “NON-Click-Cups” are engineered to be light-weight and withstand the use and abuse of high level competitive Skating.

Roll-Line Lower “NON-Click-Cups” are the Lower Suspension (Cushion) Cups that are closest to the Skating Surface.  They are the same for ALL Roll-Line “NON-Click-Action” Skate Frames.

The inner Circumference of the “NON-Click Cup” is larger to accomodate the shoulder of the “NON-Click-Nut” to come through and be flush, thus allowing the “NON-Click Nut” to adjust the tension desired on the Suspensions (Cushions).