Matrix is up to 33% lighter than traditional blades! 
Model:  MX8150 SupremeRSX
                MX8120 FreestyleRSX
                MX8105 EliteRSX
Sizes:   8″ through 11″ in 1/4″ increments.
Rocker Radius:  8′ Radius
Radius of Hollow (ROH):   7/16″
Blade Style:  Parallel
Rake Style:  Cross Cut Rake (SupremeRSX and FreestyleRSX)
                        Straight Cut Rake (EliteRSX)

Keep your edges fresh with the innovative Matrix RXS from Jackson.

Maintaining the features of the Matrix blade, including a lightweight Aircraft Grade aluminum chassis; extremely strong Japanese AUS8 Stainless Steel runner; and superior edge control with a tapered edge, the Matrix RXS is one of the best blades on the market.

While the runner is replaceable, the pick on each Matrix RXS is affixed to the chassis, ensuring consistent lift angles and alignment.  The picks available on the Matrix RXS are identical to the original Matrix:


Cross Cut Pick

crosspick3 MATRIX RXS

Cross Cut Pick

straightpick1 MATRIX RXS

Straight Cut Pick

Reduced weight means reduced fatigue and with stainless steel runners, Ultima Blades hold their edges longer.

The Supreme, Freestyle and Elite pick patterns are identical across models of the Ultima blades allowing for a seamless transition. The AUS8 Stainless Steel runner is maintenance free and holds edges longer for a longer lasting blade. However, the runners may be replaced as necessary by special ordering Matrix Replaceable Runners or the Matrix RXS System Kit.

When mounting blades to EDEA Skates, the blade sizing is consistent for each boot size and between boot models. Please refer to the sizing chart. When mounting EDEA Skates, please follow the correct blade mounting procedures for all EDEA Skates. The sizing and mounting information is in the Learning Center on

When properly mounted utilizing the EDEA screws, no additional water proofing of the skates will be necessary.

(Please allow at least 5 business days from placing the order to the time of shipping from