Mounting Hardware (Fixing Kit)



Mounting Hardware Kit (Fixing Kit)
Part Number:   STMSS

The Roll-Line Mounting Hardware Kit is the little bag with the Hardware to properly mount your Roll-Line Skates to most any Skating Boot.

Note that this kit is not included with any Roll-Line plates, and must be purchased separately if needed.

The Roll-Line Kit Includes:
Four (4) Long Mounting Bolts for the Heels
Eight (8) Short Mounting Bolts for the Ball of the Boots
Twelve (12) Flat Washers
Twelve (12) Nuts that utilize a 7mm Wrench
      (This same kit can be used to mount ATLAS, Snyder, or most other Frames (including Inline Frames) to most Skating Boots.)

The Mounting Hardware Kit (Fixing Kit) should be used with an 11/64″ Drill Bit and a Countersink when drilling your Skating Boots. Please follow the instructions in the Learning Center at The Mounting Slide Show will provide step by step instructions on the best way to mount Skates and Frames together. On Today’s Skating Boots, it is strongly recommended to NOT use the Snyder Boot marking tool, as this will in most cases move the Toe of the Frame too far to the outside of the boot.
It is strongly recommended to use all Four (4) of the Mounting Hardware Kit (Fixing Kit) Short Bolts, Washers, and Nuts and the EDEA Power Wedges in the Ball area of both Skating Boots, if they do not have the NEW Planar Roller Sole. All Traditional Leather Skating Boots should utilize Power Wedges.  Be sure to tighten all of the Mounting Nuts and even consider using a touch of Blue, Removable Lock Tite. Then use the Bolt Break-Off tool to get that clean mount. All of these items are available from .