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Edea factory second with minor cosmetic blemish. All factory second boots are considered structurally sound, but may have a slight cosmetic issue that does not alter or otherwise contradict the function of the boots. Sales are final, no returns accepted.
Note: EDEA boots are built on a dual last system. The standard width, “C”, has a “B” width heel. A “B” width boot has an “A” heel. Special or custom order width “D” width boots have a “C” heel, and an “E” width boot has a “D” heel. Consider the width for the heel when sizing for a boot to ensure a proper fit. Custom shaping available for all Skates U.S. purchases for no extra cost. Foot tracings required.


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Extra Strong Construction 95
Ladies Sizes (White):  225 through 280 in 5mm increments.
Mens Sizes (Black):  225 through 310 in 5mm increments.
Please reference the Sizing Chart for conversion from US and Euro sizes.
Colors:  Ivory and Black.

Type of Skating:  Ice and Inline Roller Skating.
Training Level:
  Double, Triple, and Quad Jumps.
Training Hours:  20 to 25 Plus Hours per week.
Comfort Level:  EDEA’s MOST Technologically Advanced Skate, almost Feels like a Tennis Shoe.

Why play the Piano?

Anti-Shock System
Smoother skating absorbs more impacts.

Heel Lock
Better foot position for more control.

More Support
Increases power transmission.


The new design with its 7 openings (7 notes) and extra stitching both add additional support. The power generated by the skater is transmitted better to the blade, making the skate react quicker to each push. This gives you improved thrust and more control when skating.


The Piano has been ergonomically designed to the curve of the foot, giving the skater a better feel and more control over their movements while also reducing strain.

Leaflet_Piano-2-621x311 PIANO (95) "B Width" - Seconds

Download the Brochure in PDF format


Anti-shock System

pianoSFUMATO PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsTwo separate layers of anti-shock material have been placed at the bottom of the boot over the whole sole, one in the outer sole, one in the inner sole.

This system:
Minimizes impact shocks that cause muscular-skeletal degeneration and injuries through over-training; increases the amount of force absorbed by the boot on landing thus reducing the strain on the knees and ankles.

Doppia_suola PIANO (95) "B Width" - Seconds

Absorbs ice chatter which makes skating feel smoother and gives more stability. It also gives you a firmer base to jump from allowing you to jump higher and farther.
Reduces the wobble on landing allowing the skater to execute quicker jumps and transitions thus improving ice speed and stability.

Ergonomic heel lock

7aperture PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe boot structure has been reinforced using stronger materials. The new design with its 7 openings (7 notes) and extra stitching both add additional support.

This design allows greater transfer of power, giving you improved thrust and more control when skating.

Control and Stability

sottopiede-300x236 PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe unique insole made with fiberglass and nylon allows more power transmission and increases the stability.

center-gravity PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsIts revolutionary design also allows EDEA to reduce the thickness of the sole thus lowering the center of gravity and giving the skater even greater control and stability.

tacco-piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe unique heel design adds further stability to the boot. The curve on the heel increases weight distribution, allowing the heel to be in contact with over half of the insole, giving the skater a sense of oneness with the ice.

The increased control and sensitivity combine to allow the skater to perform the most technical routines and moves.

Innovative Design
piano_lato PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsOur designers have used a combination of microfiber and mesh to revolutionize this boot. Light and strong, it offers both strength and flexibility. The 7 openings recall the 7 notes and the keyboard of a piano.

slant-piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsEDEA have increased the slant of the foot bed. This shortens the reaction time as the foot is already in position allowing the skaters to be more fluid in their movements as they prepare for jumps.

Piano is different from any other boot on the market. To get the maximum from the Piano, skaters should be used to wearing boots that have the same stiffness (e.g. Ice Fly) in order to guarantee a short break-in period and to avoid strain injuries.

Double stitching provides the boots with extra strength across the lacing area ensuring greater accuracy and feel in lacing.

gancio-piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsPiano has EDEA’s patented hooks and hook position meaning the laces can hold the boots without the need to strangle the leg. A lace puller will make getting on the ice quicker and help keep the boots pristine by making unlacing easier so the tongue can sit properly when the boots are not in use.


Wiggle Room

wiggle-room-297x300 PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsBecause of the thinner sole our boots have a lower profile. This means we’ve been able to add an extra couple of millimeters of room for the toes for added comfort while retaining our lower profile.

Impact Sole
impact_sole PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsAs well as the two anti-shock layers that run through the boot, Piano has a revolutionary inner sole with an anti-shock heel insert that reduces the strain on the body.

collarinointerno_piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe Piano is padded with our top of the range AIR TECH lining offering greater comfort and support. There is additional padding at the ankle for comfort and to hold the heel in place more firmly giving a better foot position.

collarino-piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsExtra padding on the boot edges helps protect the leg while increasing the range of movement. This allows the skater to move and point their toes adding elegance to the performance. The padding is also perforated for added ventilation, allowing the outer shell and inner lining to dry quickly when not in use.


comfort-164x300 PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsAll EDEA skates are designed around the foot with curves and strength to hold the heel in place, to support the foot and give the best fit and maximum comfort. The Piano is our most technologically advanced boot. Innovative design means the skates are more responsive to power giving the skater both increased acceleration and control.

Quick Drying
collarinointerno_piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe micro-perforated air tech lining is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, and dries rapidly ensuring your boots are fresh for the next session.
lingua-piano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe tongue is key in any boot. In the Piano the tongue gives the increased flexibility required by skaters at this top level. Its anatomical shape helps the leg bend in jumps while additional padding increases the comfort.

passalaccio PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsMultiple tongue tabs also help to control the tongue position lifting it away from the toes giving the boot a better fit.

Instant Custom Fit
Anatomically designed with memory foam lining, our boots are significantly more comfortable than old fashioned ones. The thermal shell is heat adjustable so every boot can have the bespoke fit that skaters at this level need.

Easy Care

Waterproof Sole

impermeabile PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsOur hi-tech soles are made with ultra modern material making the boot light and waterproof– just what skaters need.


piano_lato PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsThe Piano is designed to be light. By using a combination of microfiber and mesh EDEA designers have been able to keep the strength while increasing flexibility to add greater fluidity to movements on the ice. The use of hi-tech material means that the Piano is suitable for Vegans.

Finishing Touches

cristallo PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsIn a sport where style and grace can be the difference between winning and losing, EDEA have added extra style to the Piano with six crystals added for the final touch of elegance.

Latest Technology for Blade Mounting

viti-300x263 PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsAll our models use a special double helix screw fixed through pre-drilled holes to fix the blades. They are designed to hold the blades more firmly and for longer than old methods, making skating safer and more fun.

Designed and Made in Italy

cuore_italiano PIANO (95) "B Width" - SecondsEverything at EDEA is done at our factory in a little village at the foot of the Alps. This means we can control design, quality and production. You buy our boots knowing they’ve been cared for from the drawing board until they are placed in the box to be sent to the shops.

Complete EDEA Skate Outfits is providing the opportunity to have a completed EDEA Skate Outfit including the top Ice Blades appropriately used at this level.  All of these Custom High Level EDEA Skate Outfits will take about one week, as not all of the Blades are kept in stock.  It is highly recommended to use this time make sure that the fit of the EDEA Skate is proper prior to any Mounting of the Blade or “Shaping” of the Boot.

When the EDEA Skate Outfit is paid for, will ship the EDEA Skates to verify the correct size and then we will cover the cost of the return shipping after trying on the EDEA Skates prior to mounting the Blades and complete the very high level, high performance EDEA Skate Outfit.  For more details on this service see the Boot Sizing Policy (which is only valid in the United States).  Once the Blade is Mounted or the Boot is “Shaped,” the Skates are no longer considered New and CANNOT be Returned.  All International orders are final, once paid for and shipped.

The EDEA Skate Complete Outfit is only returnable if the items are in new, unused condition, meaning they have not been shaped or mounted prior to return. We highly recommend confirming correct size before ordering the items to be mounted. Please refer to the Boot Sizing Policy listed under our Terms & Conditions of site for more information.

Custom Shaping Services will help with any Custom Shaping Services, as needed.  There may be labor charges for the Custom Shaping Services.  Some of our Dealers are also trained in the Shaping process and can do an excellent job locally.

Remember with EDEA Skates, the Carbon Fibre type material is not like leather and will not just change shape on its own.  If something pressures, it will always pressure, until it is adjusted and then once the Skate is adjusted, it will not pressure and will stay that way unless it is changed again.  When we are “Shaping” the Skate, we are “Shaping” the shell or structure of the Skate.  Once it hardens into the new shape, it will stay that way until changed again.

The best way for us to work on the Skates, is of course to have the Skater’s feet to put into the Skates and find out where the pressure points are.
If that is not possible, please trace the foot on a piece of paper and mail (yes, snail mail) or put good measurements on the drawings in mm or inches.  When a drawing is scanned or faxed, it is scaled and makes a good reference, but is not accurate for measurements.  The second part of this is to take some digital pictures of the feet and E-Mail them to and to  Pictures will help us to visualize the issues, but the drawings with measurements are essential.

Temporary Mounting Services is also providing (if selected) the custom Mounting Services to complete your very high level, high performance EDEA Skate Outfit.  We will complete a Temporary Mount by properly installing the Screws in the Blade Slots, based on the normal Center of Balance.

Once you have received your Skates and work with your Coach to ensure proper positiong of the Blade for your body and build.  Adjustments can be made by slightly loosening the screws and sliding the Blade on the slots, as needed.  Once the Blade positioning is completed and tightened, it is time to install ALL of the remaining Flat Head (CounterSunk) Special EDEA Screws.  These screws are installed by using the INCLUDED 2.0mm (5/64″) Drill Bit Extender.  By using the Drill Bit Extender, the additional screws can be installed without removing the Blade or danger of hitting the drill chuck on the Blade.

The EDEA Skates Nylon Fibreglass Composite FootBed will hold the Special EDEA flat tipped, high-low thread Screws with several times the foot-pound torque than that of a standard sheet metal screw into a leather and cork sole of a traditional leather boot.  The EDEA Skate does not require any additional water-proofing and the rubber coated FootBed of the EDEA Skates will not get water logged and allow the screws to loosen and fall out.  EDEA Skates are much safer due to these innovations.

The easy steps to complete the mount are:
1.  Remove the InnerSole.
2.  With the INCLUDED 2.0mm (5/64′) Drill Bit Extender, drill the center pilot hole in the Center of each of the Countersink screw locations.
3.  In the Sole of the Skate Drill ALL the way through the Sole.
4.  in the Heel of the Skate Drill to the Void in the Heel.
5.  Install the appropriate Special EDEA flat head Screws into the holes with a #2 Phillips Screw Driver.
6.  With a straight blade Screw Driver or chisel, on the inside FootBed of the Skate, remove the drill trails (shavings).
7.  Re-Install the InnerSole.
8.  Put the Skates back on.
9.  Enjoy Skating in EDEA Skates!!!