Roll-Line Precision Bearing Press



Precision Heavy Duty Bearing Press
Type:   Custom Bearing Press and Puller by Roll-Line
Axle Capacity:   works with both 7mm and 8mm Bearings
Wheel Capacity:   Up to 70mm in Diameter
Special Features:   Has a replaceable Bearing Hook.

The Roll-Line Precision Heavy Duty Bearing Press is a tool that every serious skater should have. The Roll-Line Precision Heavy Duty Bearing Press can be portable or mounted to a work bench for maximum stability. The Bearing Press is also a Bearing Puller with Replaceable Hooks which are available from .

The following are a few suggestions on Bearing Care and how to help eliminate contaminates from the Bearings:
1. Bearings should never be handled with bare hands. Talc-free finger cots or talc-free surgical gloves should be worn.
2. Work areas must be clean, clean, clean (no food or smoking should be allowed).
3. Be sure to clean the wheel housings and axle shafts thoroughly before installing or mounting wheels.
4. Be sure to use a Bearing press that will install the Bearings Squarely into the Wheels. Force should be only applied to the outer race when installing the Bearings into the Wheels. Force should not be applied to the Bearings in a manner such that force is transmitted from one bearing ring to the other ring through the balls.
5. Be EXTREMELY gentle when pulling Bearings from Wheels, using the inner race. Rotate the wheel and bearing while extracting the Bearings. When pulling the Bearings, there is a great chance to damage the Bearings. Please be Careful.

For even more information on Bearings and their care, please check out the Bearing Information section of the Learning Center at .