Roll-Line STREET MAX ABEC 9 – 8mm Professional Bearings


ABEC 9 Professional High Performance,
High Stress Bearings

Figure Dance FreeStyle
Derby Raiting Recreational Jam
Rhythm Quad Hockey Quad


Roll-Line STREET MAX Professional Bearings 

Type:   PATENTED Custom Roll-Line Design
Axle Center Bore:  8mm = STCUPS
Be sure you identify which size Axles you have and which
size (7mm or 8mm) Bearings are needed.
Outside Diameter:    22mm (the same for all Roller Skate Bearings)
OUTER RACE:   Enhanced Thickness to protect from deformation
Special Features:   Carbon Impregnated Ball Crown Cage Ring
with 2 sealed Metal Shields
ABEC Rating:   ABEC 9
One (1) Set=   16 Bearings

The Roll-Line STREET MAX Professional Bearings are a Roll-Line Patented Design that is specifically designed and manufacturered for very High Level Agressive Competitive Roller Skating for 8mm Axles.

The STREET MAX Professional Bearings  have an outer ring of increased thickness which protects from the deformation and out of “roundness”, and thus reduces friction to a minimum and allows the patented STREET MAX Bearings to achieve an extraordinary speed. The internal processing ensures that the speed acquired after the push is maintained consistently high even after several meters.

The Roll-Line STREET MAX Professional Bearings  are sealed with 2 metal Shields to help keep the dust and dirt out.  The high performance Ball Crown Cage is Carbon impregnated to provide a little extra dry lubrication to ensure these Bearings will perform far beyond most other Bearings.  Roll-Line STREET MAX Professional Bearings are available for Skates with 8mm Axles (ONLY).   These high performance Roll-Line STREET MAX Professional Bearings will perform better than most other 8mm Bearings for heavy stress and very tough environments such as Street Skating, Aggressive Inline Skating, and Roller Derby where heavy demands are placed on the bearings.

The Patented Roll-Line STREET MAX Professional 8mm Bearings are probably the BEST ROLLING 8mm Bearings available on the market today and also are Heavy Duty to handle incredible stresses and loads.

No matter what type or your level of Skating, GREAT Bearings can only help!

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