Roll-Line Truck Change (on New Skates)



Truck Change for Different Colors When Ordering New Roll-Line Frames will change out the Standard Color Trucks on NEW Roll-Line Frames to any of the other available colors.

Roll-Line Standard Truck Colors Available:
Red (Standard on the Driver)
Blue (Standard on the Navigator)
Gold (Standard on the Energy Gold)
Silver (Standard on most Artistic and other Models)

The Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver Trucks with Steel Axles and Pivot Pins for Roll-Line are interchangeable.

The Titanium Trucks are only for the Energy Titanium, and are ONLY available in Silver.
The 07 Trucks are for the Matrix ONLY.

Pricing is for Labor and Does NOT include Parts, Materials, or Shipping Costs.

NOTE: Truck Change Labor also applies when Upgrading or changing ATLAS Standard Trucks for the NEW ATLAS Steering Damper Trucks.