Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate Package


The Roller Discovery package combines EDEA’s Motivo boot with CRAZY SKATE’s Apollo frame, and Roll-Line’s ABEC-3 Bearings and Magnum wheels. It’s a great package for introductory roller skaters and provides everything you need to get started.

Figure Dance FreeStyle
Derby Raiting Recreational Jam
Rhythm Quad Hockey Quad


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Soft-Mid Strong Roller Construction 38
Motivo (Ivory or Black)
Skate Frame: Apollo (Colors as Available)
Frame Colors:  Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
Wheels: Roll-Line Magnum 57mm (53D or 57D)
Bearings: 8mm ABEC-3
Toe Stops: CRAZY Skates Arrow (American SAE Threads)
Mount: Custom Skates US (Power Wedge Included)


Type of Skating: Beginning Competition Roller Figures
Training Level: Entry to Mid Level Figure Skaters
Training Hours: 5 to 10 Hours per week
Comfort Level: Very Comfortable Beginning Competitive Level Skate, Feels like a Traditional Skate

 Euro, American Men, and American Ladies are meant as a reference ONLY,  Please make Tracings and Measure the Tracings to help with EDEA cm/mm Sizing

Discovery-Sizes Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate Package

  • This is a complete skate package – NO customer substitutions.
  • Skates US may substitute products of equal or higher value at no additional charge.
  • Packages are Custom Mounted and Assembled after the order is placed.  Please allow for this time.
  • Roll-Line and CRAZY Skates Plate (Frame) Sizes are dependent on the Boot Size.
  • Please determine the Boot Size FIRST.
  • Be SURE of your SIZE before ordering!
  • Please note that Packages, once MOUNTED, are considered final and are not returnable.
  • For the ROLLER DISCOVERY Packages utilizing the CRAZY Skates Apollo Frames, Please indicate a First, Second, and Third choice for COLORS in order notes on the checkout page.
  • If the Color and Size for the Apollo Frames is not available, you will be asked to select another Color.
  • These special Packages are NOT a part of the Skates US “Boot Sizing Program”
  • The CRAZY Skates –  APOLLO Skate Frame is a very light, Fibreglass based, rigid, Nylon Skate that “Skates” and “Feels”, very much like a Roll-Line Skate Frame and can skate real edges, and features an aluminum inserted ADJUSTABLE (American Thread) Toe Stop



EDEA boots are designed with lightness in mind making them more responsive. The lightness helps the developing skater with their feel on the floor and thus helps improve performance.

Control and Stability

control-stability-1-300x236 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe unique insole made with fiberglass and nylon allows more power transmission and increases the stability.

baricentro-roller-en-300x271 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageIt also allows for the thickness of the sole to be reduced thus lowering the center of gravity and giving the skater even greater control, stability.

tacco-ruote-300x163 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe unique heel design adds further stability to the boot. The curve on the heel increases weight distribution, allowing the heel to be in contact with over half the insole giving the skater a sense of oneness with the floor.

planar-controllo Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe heel and the sole are positioned in perfect horizontal alignment so they are fully supported by the flat plate allowing the natural alignment of the metatarsus-phalanx. This allows the plantar-flexor muscles to remain at their optimum length allowing the muscles to react more rapidly ensuring better balance and control.

motivo-lacing-300x139 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageUses the same lacing system as the high performance models allowing for greater accuracy and feel in lacing. A lace puller will make getting the skates on and off easier for the beginner.


suola-forata-ritmo-300x138 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageHi-tech soles are fully ventilated allowing the foot to cool and helping the lining to dry more quickly so discouraging bacteria, preventing allergies and reducing odor.

Wiggle Room

Wiggle-Room-297x300 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageBecause of the thinner sole, EDEA boots have a lower profile. This means we’ve been able to add an extra couple of millimeters of room for the toes for added comfort while retaining a lower profile.


collarini Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe Motivo’s padding is a step up from Brio and includes an extra soft microfiber antibacterial lining with extra padding on both the tongue and cuffs to make the skater feel at home.


Anatomical-164x300 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageAll Edea skates are designed around the foot with curves and strength to hold the heel in place, to support the foot and give the best fit and maximum comfort.

Easy Care

Leather Upper
The Motivo is made from the same leather as EDEA’s top of the line boots and offers greater support than the Brio Model. A special water repellent treatment makes EDEA skates easier to maintain.

motivo_collarino-300x258 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe antibacterial lining  also makes for  better hygiene than old fashioned boots.

Latest Technology for Frame Mounting

viti-hi-low-ruote Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe combination of the new high-tech sole, new planer concept and the specially designed hi-low (double helix) screws allows a new way quicker, less fiddly more accurate way to mount frames.

Designed and Made in Italy

Love-Italy Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageEverything at EDEA is done at their factory in a little village at the foot of the Alps. This means they have full control over control design, quality and production. You buy EDEA boots knowing they’ve been cared for from the drawing board until they are placed in the box to be sent to the shops.

Motivo Tech Specs

MOTIVO_RUOTE-2_900-300x265 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe EDEA MOTIVO Intro Competitive Loop and Large Circles Figure Skate is a High Quality way for the for Serious Beginning Roller Figure Skater that prefers a mid strong construction Skate to have the support and control that ALL EDEA Skates offer, but at a very good price point for the Beginning Intro Competitive Loop and Large Circle Figure Skate.  The Light Mid Stiff Construction features Beautiful Leather finish outside and Padded MicroFibre Lining.  The EDEA MOTIVO is made with Revolutionary NEW Ultra Lightweight Materials, which means the MOTIVO is about 25% to 45% lighter than comparable Skating Boots and is available from  EDEA Skates are Beautiful Italian Skates, even at this smaller price point.

The MicroFibre Lining ventilates the perspiration quickly.  The Anatomically Shaped Foam Padding and Formed fit of the boot is shaped by the Thermoformable Structure and provides the best in foot contact and control while giving the movement range to allow Great Learning and Performances. Other features are the Rounded Heel base Shape which more evenly distributes the weight and adds torsional stability, the Full Wrapped Padding of the collar of the Skate for wonderful comfort, and the Shaped Padded Tongue. control-stability-1-300x236 Roller Discovery Introductory Roller Skate PackageThe unique EDEA Footbed is torsionally rigid but with just a bit of vertical compression, that creates a lower center of gravity in the Skate, creating a lower displacement which greatly increases stability and control.  For a very detailed Technology White Paper on the differences between EDEA Skates and traditional Leather Skates, please take a little time and read Why EDEA Skates are so Special from the Learning Center of

In most cases the Break-In period is just a few hours, not days, weeks, or Months, but the most important Features are how LIGHT and COMFORTABLE the EDEA MOTIVO is!

EDEA Skates fit a great majority of Skaters (because of the newly designed shoe lasts), right out of the box, but some have need of special accommodations to give that perfect fit. EDEA Skates ALL have a Thermoformable Structure which allows manipulation of the boot to give the perfect Custom fit without the Custom price EDEA Skates use a special Memory Foam and DO NOT use gel packs or standard foam that are heated in an oven, then the foot inserted to shape the inside padding of the boot only, this method allows change and movement of the old style padding over time, which is not a good thing. EDEA Skates DO use very high tech materials (similar to a carbon fiber or Kevlar material) which can be “Shaped” using High Power Commercial Hair Dryers and Special Shoe Lasts, in very specific locations or general widening or narrowing of the Skating Boot. This “Shaping” is actually changing the Structural Shape of the Skate. Once the boot is “Shaped”, it will stay in that shape, until the “Shaping” process is changed again. provides this very special Custom Fitting service.

EDEA and strongly recommend the use of Power Wedges to be installed between the curved Skating Boot and the flat Roller Frame to keep the foot in its natural and to NOT Deform the Boot. A major advantage of the Power Wedge is that it provides VERY Secure CONTACT between the Boot and Skate Frame. This gives more power to each push and stroke, thus the name POWER WEDGE. It is not necessary to use the power wedges on a Roller Frame with a sloped front.

Apollo Tech Specs

Crazy Skates of Australia, has assembled a team of some of the best Skaters, Derby Skaters, Boot Makers, Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Chemical Engineers in the world to provide Skaters everywhere with a whole new level of Comfort and Performance at incredible prices from  The CRAZY Skates APOLLO Skate (Frame) is used in the DBX 5 complete Outfits and can be used with many other Skate Outfits as a very High Performance Pre-Professional Skate.

The CRAZY Skates APOLLO Skate (Frame) is an exceptional design which utilizes the very best technologies that are available to create Magic in its performance.  The CRAZY Skates APOLLO Plate is designed and formed of an ULTRA Lightweight rigid FiberGlass based Resin Composite which provides a GREAT looking Plate which is unsurpassed in Strength to Weight ratio.  This ultra STRONG Pre-Professional Skate Frame has a Machined Aluminum Toe Stop insert formed directly and securely into the Skate Frame and utilizes an Allen Screw Adjustable Toe Stop (Not the typical Jam Nut found on most Skates in this price range) and professional Delrin Pivot Pin Inserts.  The CRAZY Skates APOLLO Skate (Frame) uses the very same Truck Assembly as the Professional Venus Skate Frame with the very articulate 20 degree action that both rocks and turns like many of the best Artistic Skates in the World and with Trucks that use a single Adjustment Nut to articulate the Non-Click Action Adjustment.  The CRAZY Skates APOLLO Skate King Pin is an actual King Pin of Stainless Steel made specifically to be a King pin (not just a standard bolt) that utilizes a special Locking Nut to secure it to the Plate and increase the Strength to stand up to the most rigorous usage.  The standardized complete Truck Assembly assures consistent high levels of performance across the CRAZY Skates Frames, including the Venus and the Apollo.  The Aluminum Truck is imbedded with a highly precision 8mm Axle and a hardened steel Pivot Pin.  The Core of the Truck assembly, where the Cushions (Suspensions) are seated is larger, allowing for the Larger Upper Cushion to go through the Core of the Truck and touch the Smaller Lower Conical Shaped Cushion.  This design Totally Encapsulates the King Pin creating the magic feel of a very Stable, Smooth, Fast, and Articulate Action, providing GREAT Edging and Total Control of the CRAZY Skates APOLLO Skate.  The CRAZY Skates APOLLO Skate (Frame) comes complete with one (1) set of Highly Reactive, Fast Snap-Back, Black Rubber Cushions.  One set will be installed on the Skates.  The Upgraded High Rebound Urethane Cushions can be purchased as an accessory for the APOLLO Skate as whole sets that can be mixed and matched as desired.  These are the Urethane Cushions that come standard on the Venus Skates and are completely interchangeable between the APOLLO and the Venus Skates.

The Soft or Flexible Cushions are Green.
The Mid or Medium Cushions are Clear.
The Firm or Hard Cushions are Purple.
There is a fourth hardness that is available only as an optional Accessory.
The Xtra-Firm or Xtra Hard Cushions are Blue.
These Cushions can be swapped very easily and also mixed and matched to create many combinations.  See the Video in the Learning Center.

Remember that the Larger Upper Cushion is the one that that goes through the Core of the Truck and provides the Stability of an Edge and should most always be the Stiffer Cushion if they are mixed and matched.  The Smaller Lower Conical Shaped Cushion provides the quick and sharp movements and should most always be the Softer Cushion if they are mixed and matched.

The CRAZY Skates can be outfitted with any of the CRAZY Skates Toe Stops including the Arrow, Lil Block, and Block Toe Stops as an accessory.  All CRAZY Skates Toe Stops are made of very durable Rubber with flat bottoms to help for that “Get Up and Run” needed for Derby or FreeStyle Skating.  The Toe Stops are American (SAE) Thread.  The CRAZY Toe Stops are adjusted in the APOLLO Plate by an Allen Screw that uses a Standard 3/16ths inch Allen Wrench or Allen T-Wrench.

CRAZY Skates APOLLO comes with a complete set of Mounting Hardware – Including Mounting Bolts, internal Bridges, and locking Nuts for a six (6) point mount per Skate.  This Mounting Hardware is designed specifically for CRAZY Skates DBX Boots to be mounted with the optional accessory CRAZY Skates Power Wedges, providing the exact correct lengths of the Bolts, so NO cutting the Bolts.

Complete EDEA Skate Outfits is providing the opportunity to have a completed EDEA Skate Outfit including the top Roller Skate Frames appropriately used at this level.  All of these Custom High Level EDEA Skate Outfits will take about one week, as not all of the Roller Skate Frames are always in stock.  It is highly recommended to use this time make sure that the fit of the EDEA Skate is proper prior to any Mounting of the Blade or “Shaping” of the Boot.

When the EDEA Skate Outfit is paid for, will ship the EDEA Skates to verify the correct size and then we will cover the cost of the return shipping after trying on the EDEA Skates prior to mounting the Roller Skate Frames and complete the very high level, high performance EDEA Skate Outfit.  For more details on this service see the Boot Sizing Policy (which is only valid in the United States).  Once the Roller Skate Frames are Mounted or the Boot is “Shaped”, the Skates are no longer considered New and CANNOT be Returned.  We highly recommend confirming correct size before ordering the items to be mounted. All International orders are final, once paid for and shipped.

Custom Shaping Services will help with any Custom Shaping Services, as needed.  There may be labor charges for the Custom Shaping Services.  Some of our Dealers are also trained in the Shaping process and can do an excellent job locally.

Remember with EDEA Skates, the Carbon Fibre type material is not like leather and will not just change shape on its own.  If something pressures, it will always pressure, until it is adjusted and then once the Skate is adjusted, it will not pressure and will stay that way unless it is changed again.  When we are “Shaping” the Skate, we are “Shaping” the shell or structure of the Skate.  Once it hardens into the new shape, it will stay that way until changed again.

The best way for us to work on the Skates, is of course to have the Skaters feet to put into the Skates and find out where the pressure points are.
If that is not possible, please trace the foot on a piece of paper and mail (yes, snail mail) or put good measurements on the drawings in mm or inches.  When a drawing is scanned or faxed, it is scaled and makes a good reference, but is not accurate for measurements.  The second part of this is to take some digital pictures of the feet and E-Mail them to and to  Pictures will help us to visualize the issues, but the drawings with measurements are essential.