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SIDEWALK Special OUTDOOR-High Rebound Wheels
Hardness:  78A
Diameter X Width:  63mm X 44mm Wheels
Compound:  Red, Black, or Purple Tough High Rebound Cast Urethane Formula
Hub Info:  Back Lite Weight Fan Jet Delrin Hub
Packaging:  In Sets of 4 (2  4-Wheel Tubes to make a full set of 8 Wheels)

CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are very high performance tough Cast Poly-Urethane, High Rebound OUTDOOR wheels, with a Black Fan Jet Delrin Hub.  The CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are specifically formulated for rough and varied Outdoor Skating Surfaces.  CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are also ideal for Roller Derby Skaters that find themselves skating on black-top, parking lots, tennis courts, or surfaces that may have very small pebbles, granules, and grit.  CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are for the Recreational Skaters that are Skating those Bike, Walking, and Skating paths.

The CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are in 3 colors: Red, Black, and Purple in sets of 4, for mix and match.
The CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are 63mm Diameter X 44mm Wide.
The CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels have a high Rebound which is what allows the wheels to skate over all that debris.

From a Derby perspective: The CRAZY SIDEWALK wheels are just the shock absorber you were looking for to skate outdoors! This 78 duro wheel makes outdoor sprints and long street skates a dream! Even over uneven sidewalk surfaces, this wheel has the bounce and width you need to counter the unexpected on a street, even over broken, gravel infested parking lots! 

Why do we sell in 4 Packs?

All CRAZY Skates wheels are sold in 4 packs to give you the choice and flexibility – you can choose to mix colors and durometers. Mixed colors not only look good – it serves a function. Some skaters choose to use harder durometer wheels on their outside wheels, and softer durometers for their inside wheels. This can assist skaters with grip and roll, along with control entering the corners, and giving that rebound thrust and rollout when coming out of the corner! It’s all about choice – you decide – 8 the same or Mix & Match!

There are 5 key components to know about wheels:

1. Wheel Hardness is either measured on the “A” scale for Urethane compounds or the “D” scale for Plastic compound wheels.
 A. The lower the Durometer number (on either the “A” or “D” scales) the softer the wheel, which means More GRIP, but Less ROLL.  A softer wheel is often used as a “Push” wheel.
 B. The higher the Durometer number (on either the “A” or “D” scales) the harder the wheel, which means Less GRIP, but More ROLL.
 C. It is possible for a wheel to exhibit both GRIP and ROLL by using a Larger Delrin or Aluminum Hub with a thinner diameter Tread of the Urethane or Plastic compound materials.  This also makes for a lighter wheel in most cases. 

2. A second measurement for wheels, would be Rebound, which is the spring back or bounce (think of a super-ball) that a wheel has.  Currently manufacturers are not rating this in numbers or as a standard.  
 A. A Low Rebound wheel will have you doing a Face Plant if you try to roll over grit and tiny particles, which will stop the wheel in it’s tracks.
 B. A Higher Rebound wheel will roll over grit and tiny particles. It will roll into the surface of the wheel and then kick out as the wheel passes over. 
 C. A Higher Rebound wheel will feel a lot softer (because of the rebound), than the same wheel with a lower Rebound, even with the wheels has the same Durometer or hardness.

 3. Wheel Diameter
 A. The Smaller the Diameter of the wheel the more revolutions the wheel has to turn (which means the need for great bearings) to go a specific distance, but the positive is a lower Center of Gravity which aids in stability.
 B. The Larger the Diameter of the wheel the less revolutions the wheel has to turn to go a specific distance, which means longer roll with less effort or energy expended.

4. Wheel Width
 A. The Width of the wheel contributes to the amount of Friction and contact with the Skating Surface.
 B. The Wider the wheel, the more the drag or resistance.
 C. The more Narrow the wheel, the less drag or resistance.
 D. If a wide wheel has a flexible outer lip, this can add to the drag or resistance, but also provides that little extra grip for the push.
 Note:  For Roller Derby, with the small track and the need to weave, bob, and make short tight edges it would seem natural to select a wheel that is more narrow (Not WIDE), so as to allow for quick tight footwork and cross-overs.  A wider wheel can easily lead to tripping yourself on cross-overs or in tight situations.
 E. A Wide Wheel for Roller Derby, may not be the best thing, as Derby Skaters skate on a small track, with tight corners and are always weaving and bobbing causing Skaters to do cross overs, which would be much easier on the more narrow wheels.

5. The Wheel Hub
The Wheel Hub is the center part of the wheel and is the critical part that holds the Bearings.  The more accurate the molding or machining the areas where the Bearings sit, the better free-rolling the wheel will be.  
Wheel Hubs perform several functions:
 A. A great Wheel Hub is either exactingly machined or ultra precision molded to very tight tolerances, so as to provide an accurately aligned seat for the 2 bearings and Wheel Spacer.  All of this to make sure the bearings are properly aligned so that the wheel will roll properly and hopefully very freely, with a lot of speed.
 B. The Wheel Hub in most of the better wheels, are either of Nylon Plastic like Delrin Zytel or machined Aluminum.
 C. Having a Wheel Hub in a harder material than the Wheel Tread material, like Urethane, will add tremendous ROLL to the Wheel.
 D. A larger Wheel Hub will in most cases provide a thinner Tread material.  That will potentially produce a wheel with 2 GREAT characteristics:
    1. A Wheel with exceptional ROLL due to the harder core and thinner tread.  Some compounds of Urethane materials can get mushy due to the friction and heat generated between the Skating Surface and the Wheel in as little as 6 weeks.  This leads to less ROLL!
    2. A well designed Wheel Hub will also be much lighter than the Tread Mateial.  This light weight Hub will once again add to the ROLL while reducing the overall weight of the Skates.
E. Spacers that are +.002 to +.005 wider than the Web of the Wheel, will help to properly align the Bearings and allow them to work properly and last longer than in wheels with no Spacers.  (See the article in the Roller Learning Center that explains the details and benefits of using Spacers in your Wheels.

So choose wisely.

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