Standard Pro 5 Flat Wrench Tool Kit



Standard Pro 5 Wrench Tool Kit
Part Number: KITCHMC5F

The Roll-Line Standard Professional Flat 5 Wrench Tool Kit.

The Roll-Line Kit Includes one each:
The 11-17mm Flat Wrench, 11mm for the Axle Nuts and 17mm for the Non-Click Action Adjustments
13mm Wrench, for Pivot Pin Jam Nuts Wrench
6mm Wrench, for adjusting the Pivot Pins
4mm Allen L Wrench, for the King Pin Locking (Keeper) Screws
5mm Allen L Wrench, for locking the Toe Stop into position

The Standard Professional 5 Flat Wrench Tool Kit Kit comes complete in Plastic Bag for Variant M and Blaster.