STANDARD FreeStyle and Dance Toe Stops in Natural Rubber
Thread Types Available:   Metric (Only)
Colors Available:   Gray and Pink
Abrasion:   3 Star
Grip:   2 Star
Resiliency:   2 Star

The Roll-Line STANDARD Toe Stop is for the Beginning Competitive Skaters and General Use Skaters . The Standard Toe Stops in Gray and Pink are available from . The Standard Toe Stops have all of the needed characteristics of good Toe Stops.

The Roll-Line STANDARD Toe Stops are only available in Metric Threads. All Roll-Line Frames have Metric Toe Stop Threads. ATLAS, Snyder, and Sure Grip use US Threads. Sorry, if you don’t have Roll-Line , you won’t be able to take advantage of these great Toe Stops available from .