VENUS Skate Frame

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THIS IS A CLOSEOUT ITEM. As of 3/12/21, only the following colors/sizes remain: Size 278 in PINK ONLY. No other sizes or colors.

The CRAZY Skates VENUS is a very High Performance Professional Skate and is the culmination of several years of intensive research and development to bring the very best COMFORT and PERFORMANCE to Skating and especially Derby Skating. 


Figure Dance FreeStyle
Derby Raiting Recreational Jam
Rhythm Quad Hockey Quad


OverviewTech Specs


CRAZY Skates    VENUS Skate

Venus Skate Professional Frames
(all Threads are American or SAE, Not Metric)
with Arrow Toe Stops

Plate Sizes         Axle Spread      Fits Boot Sizes
  226mm             133.3mm            36-37-38
  239mm             146.9mm              39-40
  252mm             159.4mm              41-42
  265mm             172.0mm              43-44
  278mm             185.2mm            45-46-47
  291mm             198.4mm             (46-47)

          (all Boot Sizing based on Euro Sizes)

Tech Specs

Crazy Skates of Australia, has assembled a team of some of the best Skaters, Derby Skaters, Boot Makers, Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Chemical Engineers in the world to provide Skaters everywhere with a whole new level of Comfort and Performance at incredible prices from  The CRAZY Skates Venus Skate (Frame) is used in the DBX 3 and DBX 5 complete Outfits and can be used with many other Skate Outfits as a very High Performance Professional Skate.

The CRAZY Skates Venus Skate (Frame) is an exceptional design which utilizes the very best technologies that are available to create Magic in its performance.  The CRAZY Skates Venus Plate is designed of very Lightweight extruded and tempered Aircraft Aluminum and then is completely CNC Machined and then is highly Polished providing a GREAT looking Plate that has an Allen Screw Adjustable Toe Stop and Delrin Pivot Pin Inserts.  The CRAZY Skates Venus Skate (Frame) uses the very articulate 20 degree action that both rocks and turns like many of the best Artistic Skates in the World and with Trucks that use a single Adjustment Nut to articulate the Non-Click Action Adjustment.  The CRAZY Skates Venus Skate King Pin is an actual King Pin of Stainless Steel made specifically to be a King pin (not just a standard off the shelf bolt) that utilizes a special Locking Nut to secure it to the Plate and increase the Strength to stand up to the most rigorous usage.  The standardized complete Truck Assembly assures consistent high levels of performance across the CRAZY Skates Frames, including the Venus and the Apollo.  The Aluminum Truck is imbedded with a highly precision 8mm Axle and a hardened steel Pivot Pin.  The Core of the Truck assembly, where the Cushions (Suspensions) are seated is larger, allowing for the Larger Upper Cushion to go through the Core of the Truck and touch the Smaller Lower Conical Shaped Cushion.  This design Totally Encapsulates the King Pin creating the magic feel of a very Stable, Smooth, Fast, and Articulate Action, providing GREAT Edging and Total Control of the CRAZY Skates Venus Skate.  The CRAZY Skates Venus Skate (Frame) comes complete with three (3) sets of High Rebound, Fast Snap-Back Urethane Cushions.  One of the three sets will be installed on the Skates. 
The Soft or Flexible Cushions are Green
The Mid or Medium Cushions are Clear
The Firm or Hard Cushions are Purple
There is a fourth hardness that is available only as an optional Accessory.
The Xtra-Firm or Xtra Hard Cushions are Blue.
These Cushions can be swapped very easily and also mixed and matched to create many combinations.  See the Video in the Learning Center.

Remember that the Larger Upper Cushion is the one that that goes through the Core of the Truck and provides the Stability of an Edge and should most always be the Stiffer Cushion if they are mixed and matched.  The Smaller Lower Conical Shaped Cushion provides the quick and sharp movements and should most always be the Softer Cushion if they are mixed and matched.

The CRAZY Skates ARROW Toe Stops are very durable Rubber Toe Stops with a flat bottom to help with that “Get Up and Run” needed for Derby.  The Toe Stops are American (SAE) Thread.  The CRAZY Arrow Toe Stops are adjusted in the Venus Plate by an Allen Screw that uses a Standard 3/16ths inch Allen Wrench or Allen T-Wrench.

CRAZY Skates VENUS comes with a complete set of Mounting Hardware – Including Mounting Bolts, internal Bridges, and locking Nuts for a six (6) point mount per Skate.  This Mounting Hardware is designed specifically for CRAZY Skates DBX Boots to be mounted with the optional accessory CRAZY Skates Power Wedges, providing the exact correct lengths of the Bolts, so NO cutting the Bolts.

What comes with the CRAZY Skates VENUS Skates: includes the VENUS complete Skates, three (3) sets of Urethane Cushions (one on the Skates and two extra sets of different hardness Cushions), a set of Mounting Hardware, a set of 8 Spacers, a set of 8 Axle Nuts, a pair of ARROW Toe Stops, and a set of two (2) tools including a Plus sign (+)-Style Multi Wrench and a 3/16ths Allen Wrench.

size_conversion_chart VENUS Skate Frame 

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