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SUNDAY, MAY 27 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

MONDAY, MAY 28 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All items in the rink are for sale. Skates. Lockers. Signage. Tables & Benches. Sound System. Skate Park Ramps. Everything! All items must be taken with the buyer. No transportation of sold products will be provided.

Skates U.S. On Tour

We’re going to be in the following locations in the near future for events. Stop in and see us if you’re in the area! For more details, click here

02/12 – 02/15 – Extravaganza – Kissimmee, FL

03/18 – 03/20Stars on Wheels Spring Invitational – Odenton, MD

Cyber Week sale extended!
Click here to shop our closeout deals.

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Starting from the World Championships in Novara, our new roller boot, the Jazz goes on sale.
Orders already placed will be supplied during the World Championships, but for new orders supplies are limited so place your orders early.
In summary, Jazz is a revolutionary design combining increased support and an ergonomic heel lock to give the skaters the performance they’ve dreamed of.

The new design combines modern materials and expert craftsmanship allowing a greater transfer of power which gives improved edging, power and support.

The Jazz’s ergonomic design is fitted to the curve of the foot giving the skater more feel and better control.

High-tech soles are fully ventilated allowing the foot to cool and helping the lining to dry more quickly.
Jazz has been designed for top level skaters that are looking to increase their skating stability and precision. Jazz is a different shoe and will feel different to the skaters. The skaters need to complete the sizing process to fully understand the benefits.
Jazz comes in premium packaging including a gold box and white satin shoe bags.
Jazz – Go for Gold 29.09.2016

Lacing Your EDEA Boots

Instructional video by Max Aaron

Cleaning Your EDEA Boots

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How to build a Complete Skate Package:

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Our new store offers thousands of combinations of boots, trucks, bearings, and wheels or blades. We didn’t want to limit your options by only offering specific packages. Instead, we have designed the store to allow you to choose from a number of combinations based on our recommendations. Here’s how:

Access the store by selecting Figure Skating , Roller Skating, or CRAZY Derby by clicking the appropriate section at the top of any page. Browse our boots until you find the best fit for your needs.

At the bottom of the product description page you will see a list of Available Options that match the boot you selected. Click on the blank dropdown boxes to add additional items to your skate package.

options Roller HomeYou can add as many extras as you would like to complete your personalized skate package. Some of the boots we offer are good for more than one type of skating, so be sure to select from the options that match your intention for the boot.

Once you have selected the options you want, click the “Add to Cart” button. You will see the subtotal reflect the total price of your skate package. If you’re finished shopping, click the “Checkout” button. You will see your skate package options listed again on the Checkout Confirmation page.

Note! We do not keep every listed component in stock. We will contact you if we need to order a part before we can ship your purchase.

Skates US Facebook

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About Us:

Check out the About Us section of the site and see the incredible passion David and the staff at SkatesUS.com have for Skating and Skaters. We really do care about providing the very best Skating equipment available.

David Ripp

IMG_20120316_163917-crop-150 Roller HomeDavid has a long family history in Skating and you can watch videos of David growing up on Skates. You will understand the passion David has for both ICE and Roller Skating and the Skaters that make Art with Skating. Read more or email David

Joyce Brinkley

Joyce-a1x-300x194 Roller Home Joyce is a valuable addition to the Skates U.S. team as the Personal Assistant to David Ripp, the President. Joyce brings a varied set of skills to Skates U.S. and helps David and his wife, Carolyn, with event planning and a variety of Skates U.S. projects. Read more or email Joyce.

 Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Roller HomeElizabeth is a long time Roller Figure competitor with many trips to the National Championships and Placements. She is a GREAT resource of technical knowledge and also happens to be a very good Skate Technician. Her primary focus is to work with and train our Dealers to help you, our Skaters with EDEA Skates and Roll-Line Skate products. Read more or email Elizabeth

Josh Schuyler

josh-150x150 Roller HomeJosh has become one of the very best Skate Techs around. He spends most of his time in the shop at our facilities specializing on the Tech work for both Ice and Roller Skaters of all levels from beginner to National and World Champions and those that just enjoy Skating. Once in a while we let Josh out of the Shop where he provides his precision Tech work at both Ice and Roller events that Skates US displays at. Josh has become a wealth of knowledge on both Ice and Roller Skates. Read more or email Josh at Tech@SkatesUS.com

Flavio Valle

Flavio-300x199 Roller HomeFlavio is Italian and works directly for EDEA Skates in Italy.  When in the United States he works with Skates U.S. photographing Skaters, Skating Events, helping with sales and marketing efforts at Events, and with the education of Skaters, as to the wonderful benefits of EDEA Skates and how they work.  Flavio thoroughly knows the EDEA Skate Products inside and out. Read more

Paul and Joan McCollum

Paul-McCallum-205x218 Roller HomePaul and Joan are frequently seen at our Roller Competitions doing the great services that are needed by the Skaters. Paul is one of the nations best Roller Skate Technicians and specializing in the mounting of the Skates. He is also Expert at fitting Skates and Shaping the EDEA Skates to allow the standard stock Skate become a Custom Skate, just for you. Paul and Joan live in the Tampa area of Florida.

Elicia and Stephen Reynolds

Reynolds_1b Roller Home Elicia and Stephen Reynolds are an amazing pair, brother and sister and a very strong Ice Dance Team. They competed at the 2014 U.S. Championships placing 14th in their first year in the Championship Dance event. Their 2014 U.S. Championship performance video links are available on this site.

Elicia and Stephen have both worked with Skates U.S. at many major Ice Competitions. They are both EXCELLENT with the knowledge of the EDEA Skates and both are very good Skate Technicians. They thoroughly understand what Skaters need and want from their equipment, as they both use EDEA Skates on a daily basis.

Read More

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