At Home Talent Showcase: Dynamic Duo

Diana Nikuliceva & Adam Jukes

DD-05-DianaNikulicevaAdamJukes-1-329x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsDD-05-DianaNikulicevaAdamJukes-2-438x430 Dynamic Duo FinalistsWe heard the Las Vegas strip was empty so we decided to use this once in a lifetime opportunity to make a fun video. We both hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it. Diana & Adam @TheSkatingDuo


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Dynamic Duo: Finalists


Adriene & William Ott

23-AdrieneOtt-3-328x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsWe met on the ice, got engaged on the ice, and got married on the ice. When a pandemic took away the ice, we learned to *roll* with it.

23-AdrieneOtt-302x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists 23-AdrieneOtt-2-328x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists

Candice & Ashley Clifford

DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-5-292x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsCandice is a roller figure skater who has represented the United States at three World Championships and numerous international competitions. During Candice’s 18 year competitive history, she has been a part of the two most successful clubs in United States history, trained with some of the best coaches around the world, and claimed 20 National titles. Candice started skating at the age of three and over time came to love the passion, artistry, and strength that came with training and competing.

DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-2-292x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsAshley is a 7 time US World Team member, holding 36 National titles, 24 of which are Gold. She first had skates on at the age of 1 when her parents introduced her and her sister to a life on wheels. Since then her life has been filled with incredible experiences from representing her country around the world to training in countries such as Italy and Brazil . This past year, Ashley has been recovering from a major ACL tear. A few weeks prior to quarantine, She had just been cleared by doctors to train jumps. Despite the challenge of recovery presents, she pushes on eager to return to the rink.

DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-6-438x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-1-438x292 Dynamic Duo Finalists DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-3-438x292 Dynamic Duo Finalists DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-4-292x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists

Carolee Kness-Purdie

56-CaroleeKnessPurdie3-317x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists Roller skating stole my heart on my 12th birthday. Years later, my daughter, son and I started roller skating together. Two years later we started ice skating together and this became our family sport. Today, I am still skating on Ice, PicSkates and quads and enjoying the skating life to its fullest.

56-CaroleeKnessPurdie2-320x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists56-CaroleeKnessPurdie-438x397 Dynamic Duo Finalists

Julie Lykins

55-JulieLykins3-423x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists I LOVE to skate. Whether it’s ice, pic, roller, inline, quads or on a board, skating is my HAPPY place. I started ice skating in 3rd grade and took group lessons. I have fond memories of all night skates, going to adult sessions and skating along beach boardwalks. I started ice skating again when my daughter was 5 and have been at it for the last 25 years. I tried picframes 20 years ago and recently pulled them out of the closet due to the current global pandemic. I am currently enjoying skating outdoors with my husband and am looking forward to sharing my passion with my three grandkids.

55-JulieLykins2-438x339 Dynamic Duo Finalists55-JulieLykins-349x438 Dynamic Duo Finalists

Everly & Alydia Livingston

DD-06-EveryAlydiaLivingston-438x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsWe hope you enjoy watching our Incredible Dynamic Duo video as much as we enjoyed making it. Off the ice or on it we love to

Gabriella Koch & Adriana Vedmed

DD-07-GabriellaKoch-438x272 Dynamic Duo FinalistsFigure skaters obsessed with roller skating outdoors. Tik Tok addicted. Hair, nails and make up lovers.

Hannah & Nathan Witkowski

DD-08-HannahNathanWitkowski-438x340 Dynamic Duo FinalistsFather and Daughter having some fun!

Saige Purther & Addison Kunnath

DD-11-Saige-Purther-Addison-Kunnath-329x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsSaige Belle age 10 & Addison age 12. Competitive figure skaters & Best friends from Bloomfield Hills Michigan. Both girls skate
out of Royal Oak Michigan.

Samantha Pearsall & Katey Nyquist

DD-12-Samantha-Pearsall-Katey-Nuquist-291x438 Dynamic Duo FinalistsHi! Our names are Samantha Pearsall and Katey Nyquist. We are former Haydenettes and are quarantining in Boston, MA. We both decided to get out and try some of our favorite Haydenette tricks in our roller skates, and, well, it didn’t go quite as expected! We hope you enjoy this video, and that it also brings a smile to your face during these difficult times 🙂