At Home Talent Showcase: Most Creative


Kyle James

C-16-KyleJames-438x438 Most Creative FinalistsHello my name is Kyle James I am from Tampa, Fl and I have been ice skating for 11 years. Due to the global pandemic I discovered inline skating and have fallen in love with it!


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Most Creative: Finalists

Brock Anthony Jacobs

C-03-BrockJacobs-432x438 Most Creative FinalistsStarted inline dance after I moved to Denver, CO 3 years ago for my accounting job. Been practicing slalom, freestyle and recreational distance to hone in on the skills to take over the pavement with my traditional ice dance training. Hope you all enjoy my submission! Jacobs

Elaine Jurun

C-06-ElaineJurun-1-317x438 Most Creative FinalistsHello everyone, I’m a figure skating coach but also still compete adult master pairs and master ladies. I have been skating on ice just over 30 years and on pavement just over 2 months. I need skating in my life so when the rinks closed I turned to in-lines. I might compete on in-lines too. I have really enjoyed them! I am missing pair skating. That is what inspired this video. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed skating it. Thanks!
From: Enumclaw, Wa
Occupation: Skating Director of the Tacoma Twin Rinks and Coach
Age: 38
Skates used: ice Edea/Paramount. in-line S.P Teri/Pic


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Gabby Nguyen

C-07-GabbyNguyen-329x438 Most Creative FinalistsFormer Michigan figure skater turned pediatric rehab doctor discovering new ways to enjoy an old love during quarantine.

Katrina Copeland

C-14-KatrinaCopeland-329x438 Most Creative FinalistsI have been figure skating for 18 years! I am a USFSA Triple Gold Medalist in Free Skate, Moves In The Field, and Solo Free Dance; I love theatrical showcase and choreography, and strive to spread the love of figure skating to all skaters! I am going to college for Theatre, Dance, and English Education! I have competed at multiple national competitions in Showcase, Freestyle, and Pairs! I believe a good performance is the complete package with skill, facial expressions, and high amounts of energy! My main goal when I skate is to make people smile!

Lisa Ann Barker

C-17-LisaBarker Most Creative FinalistsLisa is the 2018 Primary Freestyle Champion as well as our 2019 Silver Medalist & combined Gold Medalist in the Freestyle Events. Lisa is coached by Debbie Wahlig from Newark, Delaware


Michael Helgren

C-21-MichaelHelgren-1-329x438 Most Creative FinalistsHello everyone, enjoy this Disney compilation of my some of favorite Disney characters!C-21-MichaelHelgren-2-431x438 Most Creative Finalists

Rose Lytle

C-23-RoseLytle-1-352x438 Most Creative FinalistsMy name is Rose and I’m a figure skater based in New York! Now that all the ice rinks are closed I decided to give my ice skates a wheelie cool UPGRADE!!! Find more of my fun skating and tricks on Instagram @iceminx

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Sarah Young

C-26-SarahYoung-2-329x438 Most Creative FinalistsHi! I’m Sarah-Michelle, age 41, from Bakersfield, California. I’m a single mom of two sons and three cats. In addition to skating, I also enjoy karaoke, video games, playing ukulele and generally being a silly dork. I hope to compete in the adult silver freeskate, dramatic and light entertainment events at Adult Nationals when competitions resume. In the meantime, I decided to try inline skating and LOVE IT! Only problem is that my boots on my inlines are already broken down. I would love to win brand new skates, so I can work on axels again. Thank you, Skates US for this amazing opportunity!

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Sydney Kai Kosiak

C-27-SydneyKosiak-251x438 Most Creative FinalistsI am a nineteen year old professional figure skater with Disney On Ice. I have been skating for almost nine years and have loved every minute of it. I am so glad I am able to roller skate while we are without ice!