At Home Talent Showcase: Most Impressive

Ginger Doll

C-09-GingerDoll-1-291x438 Most Impressive Finalists C-09-GingerDoll-2-291x438 Most Impressive FinalistsC-09-GingerDoll-3-291x438 Most Impressive FinalistsI was supposed to get married on May 9th of this year but couldn’t because of covid-19, but I did the next best thing I put on my roller skates! Since the rinks were closed, it opened a new door to outside skating on concrete which I have never done before! It was a really cool experience!



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Most Impressive: Finalists

Allison Kymmell

I-02-Allison-Kymmell-e1590806229174-332x438 Most Impressive FinalistsI am a 25 year old professional show skater from Virginia Beach, Virginia USA. My absolute passion is performing and making the story come alive for audiences. I also perform trapeze

Candice & Ashley Clifford

DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-5-292x438 Most Impressive FinalistsCandice is a roller figure skater who has represented the United States at three World Championships and numerous international competitions. During Candice’s 18 year competitive history, she has been a part of the two most successful clubs in United States history, trained with some of the best coaches around the world, and claimed 20 National titles. Candice started skating at the age of three and over time came to love the passion, artistry, and strength that came with training and competing.

DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-2-292x438 Most Impressive FinalistsAshley is a 7 time US World Team member, holding 36 National titles, 24 of which are Gold. She first had skates on at the age of 1 when her parents introduced her and her sister to a life on wheels. Since then her life has been filled with incredible experiences from representing her country around the world to training in countries such as Italy and Brazil . This past year, Ashley has been recovering from a major ACL tear. A few weeks prior to quarantine, She had just been cleared by doctors to train jumps. Despite the challenge of recovery presents, she pushes on eager to return to the rink.

DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-6-438x438 Most Impressive Finalists DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-1-438x292 Most Impressive Finalists DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-3-438x292 Most Impressive Finalists DD-03-AshleyCandiceClifford-4-292x438 Most Impressive Finalists

Emilia Nemirovsky

I-06-Emilia-Nemirovsky-1-438x329 Most Impressive FinalistsEmilia Nemirovsky, 10 years old (4th Grade) from Detroit area.
Emilia loves to skate, her spunk, fun-loving attitude and strong athleticism what gets her to rock these wheels.

I-06-Emilia-Nemirovsky-2-329x438 Most Impressive Finalists I-06-Emilia-Nemirovsky-3-438x438 Most Impressive Finalists

Emma Greco

I-07-Emma-Greco-3-438x394 Most Impressive FinalistsHi I’m Emma Greco! I am a figure skater- I started when I was 3 and have loved it ever since. During this quarantine I decided to bring out my rollerblades and attempt some of my favorite skating moves on them, I’m happy that these moves transferred nicely to rollerblading! Rollerblading is a fun outlet to get the feel of skating! Thanks for watching my entry 🙂

I-07-Emma-Greco-1-318x438 Most Impressive Finalists I-07-Emma-Greco-2-265x438 Most Impressive Finalists

Gemma Soles

I-10-Gemma-Soles-1-329x438 Most Impressive FinalistsGemma Soles is a 12 year old figure skater from Traverse City, Michigan and has been figure skating for 6 years. She is a member of the 2020 USFSA National Development Team and has been skating on Roll-Line Linea frames and Edea Concerto boots for the last 6 weeks during the quarantine ice break.

I-10-Gemma-Soles-3-e1590807799115-345x438 Most Impressive Finalists I-10-Gemma-Soles-2-329x438 Most Impressive Finalists

Kira Dalkiewicz

I-14-Kira-Dalkiewicz-3-333x438 Most Impressive FinalistsFun loving, self-quarantining, 5-year-old spending time practicing ‘Despacito’ ice-skating routine on improvised ice and skates.

I-14-Kira-Dalkiewicz-2-213x438 Most Impressive Finalists I-14-Kira-Dalkiewicz-1-213x438 Most Impressive Finalists

Lily Tawrell

I-15-Lily-Tawrel-204x438 Most Impressive FinalistsHello, my name is Lilly. I’m 7 years old and I’m ice figure skater. I have been inline figure skating for last 3 weeks. I love it as
much as ice skating. I enjoy spending unlimited and unrestricted time on empty local library parking lot, creating interpretive
routines to my favorite songs.

Sarah Smeriglio

I-17-Sarah-Smeriglio-e1590808665504-438x433 Most Impressive FinalistsHello everyone my name is Sarah Smeriglio. I am a college student and was inspired by this contest to transform one of my figure skating programs into a roller blading one. My passion for roller blading was revived due to the closure of ice rinks during the current health crisis occurring world wide. During the past couple of months I have been practicing and demonstrating mini shows to friends and neighbors; along with teaching my younger sister to roller blade. Skating lowers my stress and has always been an outlet for me to express my feelings ; thank you for this contest!

Viktoria Paje

I-18-Viktoria-Paje-290x438 Most Impressive FinalistsHi I am a Novice figure skater! I have been skating for five years and I love reading, and video editing in my free time.