ShowGirl 2022


We are very excited about the EDEA ShowGirl Boots providing Show Skaters and High-Level Dance Skaters with a very beautiful tan boot with incredible comfort; a low cut back for those wonderful toe points; the ability to custom “Shape” the skates; the quick-drying lining; the NEW 4 Hook Lacing System; the tongue system with a toe lift; and the NEW EDEA E-Shells. The EDEA ShowGirl will be the new standard for Show Skaters and High-Level Dance Skaters or skaters who just want a beautiful tan boot.



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The EDEA ShowGirl Boots have been a collaboration between Skates U.S. and EDEA in designing a beautiful tan boot especially for the high performance demands of professional Show Skating and competitive Dance Skating.

The EDEA ShowGirl Boots are available worldwide exclusively from Skates U.S. and our Skates U.S. Authorized EDEA Dealers.

Width Table (C or B options)
Tabella ShowGirl 2022

Remember ALL EDEA Skates are Dual-Last, meaning that the Ball of the foot is one size larger than the heel, and in all skating, the fit should be based on the heel, as the width of the ball of the foot can be “Shaped” to fit by an authorized and trained Dealer or Skates U.S.

Tough Construction 90

Sizes Available and in stock:

230 through 270 “B” and “C” widths, 275 and 280 “C” width only)

Please reference the Chart for blade.

Colors:  Tan (only)
Type of Skating: Ice Show Skating and Dance, and Inline Roller Skating
Training Level: Double, Triple Jumps, along with Pattern and Free Dance
(Even a good option for lower level Skaters, in EDEA you cannot “OverBoot” a Skater)
Training Hours: 20 to 25 Plus Hours per week
Comfort Level: Ultra Comfortable Skate with a great Point.



O9A9812 ShowGirl 2022

Our boots are designed with lightness in mind making them ideal for a novice. The lightness will help the skater feel more at home on the ice.


scarpa_spaccata-ShowGirl ShowGirl 2022The unique insole made with fiberglass and nylon allows more power transmission and increase the stability.

control-stability-2 ShowGirl 2022It also allows for the thickness of the sole to be reduced thus lowering the centre of gravity and giving the skater even greater control and stability.

FLA7106-Modifica-1 ShowGirl 2022The unique heel design adds further stability to the boot. The curve on the heel increases weight distribution, allowing the heel to be in contact with over half the insole giving the skater a sense of oneness with the ice.


4-Hooks ShowGirl 2022Show Girl has EDEA’s patented hooks and hook position meaning the laces can hold the boots without the need to strangle the leg. A lace puller will make getting on the ice quicker and help keep the boots pristine by making unlacing easier so the tongue can sit properly when the boots are not in use.


Ideal Comfort

Wiggle-Room-297x300 ShowGirl 2022Not too fluffy, not too dense; the padding is just right. The soft lining envelops your feet and the memory foam padding ensures a fun and relaxed training session. We have designed our boots with an anatomical shape meaning a painless experience and superior comfort.


CollareSmall ShowGirl 2022

The innermost material comes in contact with your feet every day, and should wrap your foot softly and comfortably, while maintaining resilience and breathability. We use a complete honeycomb-like polyester fabric coupled with a cushy padding making the interior of this model particularly enjoyable.

This fabric passes abrasion tests by having a breaking load of 83,000 cycles and a resistance to rubbing even in a level 5 wet environment. The lining manages to dry easily due to its efficient breathability characteristics in addition to the intrinsic features of the material in manufacturing.


Anatomical-164x300 ShowGirl 2022All Edea skates are designed around the foot with curves and strength to hold the heel in place, to support the foot and give the best fit and maximum comfort.

Easy Care

Waterproof Sole

FLA7100-Modifica-1 ShowGirl 2022Our high-tech soles are made with ultra modern material making them both light and waterproof. Just what skaters need.


FLA7183-Modifica ShowGirl 2022The antibacterial lining  also makes for  better hygiene than old fashioned boots.

Latest Technology for Blade Mounting

Double-Helix-Screws-300x263 ShowGirl 2022All our models use a special double helix screw fixed through predrilled holes to fix the blades. They are designed to hold the blades more firmly and for longer than old methods making skating safer and more fun.

Designed and Made in Italy

Love-Italy ShowGirl 2022Everything at EDEA is done at our factory in a little village at the foot of the Alps. This means we can control design, quality and production. You buy our boots knowing they’ve been cared for from the drawing board until they are placed in the box to be sent to the shops.

Tech Specs

The strength of the structure has been increased.  The original ShowGirl had the Concerto Strength, but with the low-cut back like the Flamenco, for that extra toe point. The EDEA ShowGirl has now been increased to the Piano strength, so it will feel like and perform like an Ice Fly.  This will assure skaters that even with the heavy use for show skating, the EDEA ShowGirl will work for them.  

The lining has been changed to the mesh lining of the Ice Fly.  The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial micro-fibre mesh lining provides fast drying to help with those long days on the ice.


 The Recessed 4 Hook Lacing System.  This new system will provide several important enhancements.

– The recessed hooks will allow for increased lace security; will enhance working with Adagio Skating; and may even help with the life expectancy of the over-the-boot hose.

– The 4th /bottom hook is to make it easier to tighten the instep and secure the skater’s heel into the heel pocket.  Go UNDER the 4th hook and pull up strongly to secure. The 3rd hook should still be very tight, but the top 3 hooks are to be laced OVER. Each hook should be looser as the lacing goes from bottom to top with the top being loose enough to get several fingers between the inside of the tongue and the front of the shin.  This is the EDEA Lacing system.  All EDEA Skates must be laced utilizing the EDEA Lacing method.

The NEW EDEA E-SHELL Tongue Support System is here.  The removable E-Shell Tongue Supports come in 2 strength options.

Rinforzo-Lingua-438x438 ShowGirl 2022

L  (Yellow) = Light

M (Red) = Medium

The Tongue of the ShowGirl has the same strength and structure as the Ice Fly and Piano.

EDEA E-Shells are NOT intended to be used on new Skates,
they are to help EXTEND the life of the skates.

– In EDEA, the structure (lateral sides) of the boot is not meant to bend or
crease when laced the proper EDEA way.  The bending and action of the skate is designed by EDEA to happen on the tongue.

– The EDEA E-Shell is an innovation that can help to extend the life of the
skates. The EDEA E-Shells ARE NOT meant to be used when the skates are new, but rather when the tongue becomes too flexible.

The tongue also has a pair of slits near the toe which can be laced through to provide a “Toe Lift” to the tongue, if desired.

As requested by the Show Skaters, the ShowGirl logo has been reduced and the crystals have been removed from the sides of the boots.  We are sure that people will know which glamorous EDEA Skates are on the ice with its red-inlay and the imbedded crystals in the sole.

Complete EDEA Skate Outfits provides the opportunity to have a completed EDEA Skate Outfit that will include the appropriate ice blades for this level of skating. All the EDEA Skate Outfits take approximately a week for Skates U.S. to complete, as some ice blades must be special ordered. It is highly recommended that the skater uses this time to ensure the proper fit of their EDEA Boots, prior to any “Custom Shaping” of the boots or mounting of the blades.

After the EDEA Skate Outfit has been paid for will ship the EDEA Boots for the skater to try on and confirm the proper fit. will provide the return service shipping label for returning the new boots to us for “Custom Shaping”, if necessary, and mounting of the blades. For more details on this service see the Boot Sizing Policy. (ONLY available in the United States)
Once the Showgirl Skate Outfit has the boots “Custom Shaped” and/or the blades mounted (ice or roller) the skates are no longer considered new and CANNOT be returned. All international orders are
final once paid for and shipped.

The EDEA Skate Outfit is only returnable if the items are in new, unused condition. This means the boots were NOT “Custom Shaped” nor mounted prior to the return. We highly recommend confirming the correct size before requesting that the boots be mounted.

Custom Shaping Services will help with the “Custom Shaping” services of your EDEA Boots, as needed. EDEA Boots purchased from a Skates U.S. Authorized Dealer or directly from Skates U.S. or will not have a labor charge from Skates U.S. for “Custom Shaping”. Please contact your local Skates U.S. Authorized Dealer for “Custom Shaping” services. 

EDEA Boots are not like traditional leather boots as the structure is made of a carbon-fiber-like material that can be “Custom Shaped”. Through a specialized process of gently warming the structure of the boots, the shaping can then be done by a trained skate technician. Once the boots are cooled and the structure hardens into the new shape- it will stay that way, until it may be changed again. “Custom Shaping”.

Do NOT put you EDEA Boots into a boot oven, a kitchen oven or heat them improperly. NEVER put your feet into EDEA Boots that have been heated, but not properly cooled. And NEVER put you feet into EDEA Boots that someone plans to heat while you are wearing the boots. 

The best way for a skate technician to “Custom Shape” the EDEA Boots is to have a skater visit the tech with an in-person visit. When this is not possible, Skates U.S. can assist with our Virtual Fitting Program.

Temporary Mounting Services also provides, if selected, the custom Mounting Services for the EDEA Skate Outfit. We will complete a Temporary Mount by properly installing the EDEA Screws in the blade slots, based on the normal center of balance.
You will need to work with your coach to ensure the final positioning of the blades after you have skated a few hours on your new EDEA Skate Outfit. Adjustments can be made by slightly loosing the screws and sliding the blade on the slots, as needed.

Permanent Mounting of your Blades

Once the Blade positioning is completed and tightened, it is time to install ALL of the remaining Flat Head (CounterSunk) Special EDEA Screws. These screws are installed by using 2.0mm (5/64″) Drill Bit for the toe and 2.5mm (3/32”) drill bit for the heel.  By using the SkatesUS Drill Bit Extension, the additional screws can be installed without removing the Blade or danger of hitting the drill chuck on the Blade.

The EDEA Skates Nylon Fibreglass Composite FootBed will hold the Special EDEA flat tipped, high-low thread Screws with several times the foot-pound torque than that of a standard sheet metal screw into a leather and cork sole of a traditional leather boot.  The EDEA Skate does not require any additional water-proofing and the rubber coated FootBed of the EDEA Skates will not get water logged and allow the screws to loosen and fall out.  EDEA Skates are much safer due to these innovations.

The easy steps to complete the mount are:
1.  Remove the InnerSole.
2.  Drill the center pilot hole in the Center of each of the Countersink screw locations.
3.  In the Sole of the Skate Drill ALL the way through the Sole using the 2.0mm drill bit.
4.  In the Heel of the Skate Drill to the Void in the Heel using the 2.5mm drill bit.
5.  Install the appropriate Special EDEA Countersink screw into the holes with a #2 Phillips Screw Driver.
6.  With a straight blade Screw Driver or chisel, on the inside FootBed of the Skate, remove the drill trails (shavings).
7.  Re-Install the InnerSole.
8.  Put the Skates back on.
9.  Enjoy Skating in EDEA Skates!!!


Speculare-LaccioAperto-4088-380x285 ShowGirl 2022The Edea Laces are made with strong longitudinal fibers of carded polyester for right balance of strength and elasticity that helping hold the tension when tied. 
Laces do stretch and wear, active skaters might replace monthly or after 80hrs life.
Remember that acing correctly your boots is not just important, it is fundamental to your success!



Laces are an integral part of the Edea boot system.  Skates U.S. recommends changing laces if you skate

 > 10 hours a week, every 8 weeks
 > 20 hours a week, every 6 weeks
 > 30 hours a week, every 4 weeks
 > 40 hours a week, every 3 weeks

Replace your laces sooner than this schedule if you notice wear, fraying and/or stretching of your laces. ONLY use EDEA Laces in your EDEA Boots.

Improper lacing and worn-out laces can cause premature boot failure. Would you like to ADD LACES?