SATURNO Skate Frame


Frame for beginner figure skaters.

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SATURNO Figure Skate Frame

OverviewTech Specs


-Sizes: 100 – 110 – 120 – 130 – 140 – 150 – 160 – 170 – 180.
-Click action adjustment system.
-Trucks with steel axles.

-Suspensions in natural rubber.
-Standard wrenches set included.
7mm Wheels spacers and mounting hardware are not included.

Tech Specs

Exploded-Frame-Skates-US-2-300x216 SATURNO Skate FrameThe Roll-Line SATURNO Figure Skate is a High Performance Frame for the entry to mid level Competitive Figure Skater in their Learning and Intermediate Stages. The SATURNO from provides the same level of articulated performance, similar to, but not as aggressive as the SPIN Figure Skate. The Roll-Line SATURNO provides the best possible performance due to its innovative design and lightweight structure. The Roll-Line SATURNO is forged from a solid bar of Aircraft Aluminum Alloy and completely CNC machined. The Roll-Line Click Action adjustment system provides optimum, accurate, articulate, and consistent Action adjustments using the 04 series, 13mm base King Pins with Adjustment Click-Nuts and Locking Screws. The Rafaello M features Aircraft Aluminum Trucks with the strongest Steel Axles available and adjustable Pivot Pins. The design and materials of Roll-Line Skates from, provides athletes the proper support of the skating shoe and give the most sensitive control, the greatest and absolute fastest response available from any skate, providing a sense of great stability and action.

Roll-Line Natural Rubber and Urethane Suspensions both provide incredibly quick and fluid energy transmission from the foot through the skate to the skating surface.
The Roll-Line Natural Rubber Suspensions are available in three hardnesses and Urethane Suspensions are available in five hardnesses to provide the perfect skate alignment.
The Upper (Large) Suspension provides the Stability of the Edge, while the Lower (Small) Suspension creates the Deep Edges, Great Turns and Loops. The Suspensions, for Figures can be mixed and matched in both Rubber and Urethane and in Hardnesses to provide a VERY Custom skate Action.
Usually the Upper (Large) Suspension is harder, because it is carrying the weight of the Skater, and provides the edge stability, while the Lower (Small) Suspension is one or (more infrequently) two levels more flexible, providing great edges and changes.
For LOOPS it is sometimes suggested to use an appropriate Flexible Upper (Large) Suspension, considering the Skaters height and weight and the small diameter Loops being Skated, with the Lower (Small) Suspension configured two (2) levels Harder. This configuration provides a skate that reacts and feels like the old and no longer available Hodura skate.

The list below is from Most Flexible to Hardest and integrates Rubber and Urethane Suspensions.
FULL-Set-ELASTOMER-SUSPENSIONS-CUSHIONS-438x213 SATURNO Skate FrameGreen = Rubber = Flexible
Natural (Brown) = Rubber = Medium
Clear Green = Urethane = Extra Flexible
Grey = Urethane = Flexible
Clear Blue = Urethane = Medium
Yellow = Rubber= Hard
Clear = Urethane = Hard
Clear Yellow = Urethane = Extra Hard

The SATURNO Professional Figure and Loop Skate comes with one (1) set of Rubber Suspensions (with the hardness based on the Frame size (the factory standard), and a set of standard tools.  Other hardnesses and combinations may be purchased separately.

The Roll-Line SATURNO Skate Frames can be matched to several EDEA Skates including:  the EDEA Motivo or Rondo, for Figures and Loops, or the Classica for Dance, Recreational, or Rhythm Skating.